Today is MY BIRTHDAY!!! Wow, I cannot believe the year I have had! Being twenty-six and starting my own business, networking like crazy, meeting new people, finding power partners, getting to know wonderful people, has been exciting and yet so challenging! I am now 27 years old, I still have my wonderful husband by my side and my two fat dogs with my very adventurous kitty, Sassy. I am still blessed beyond measure and I’m always learning and growing in myself and my business.

I want to take a moment and say thank you to several people that you may want to check out because they are AWESOME! I want to give a HUGE shout out to my website people at AllProWebTools! I knew of Dave, founder and owner, for a few months before he talked me into using his program for my website. Although it can be daunting sometimes, I know I can call and speak to someone I know personally about any problem. I also know I can schedule a call with Dave and talk to him about any projects or ideas on how to work AllPro into my favor. Dave has ALWAYS believed in me and when we talk, he always gives me encouragement, praise, and brainstorms with me.

I want to brag about my friend, Renee Gray as well. You can read the blog where I bragged about her here. Renee is one of the few people who sees me where I want to be someday. She sees my struggles as she has been there before. She has been such a light in my darkness and she always encourages me in my walk with God and in my walk as a professional. I love hanging around Renee because I hear myself in her and she can see a lot of herself in me. I am planning on working with her more in the future.

Jon Barry from Barry Media has been a power partner and business partner of mine for a few months now. We met back in March of 2015 and since then we have started a networking group of our own together. Jon has been one of the few people who can say the truth to me in very blunt ways. I know we have a friendship where he can do that. But I know that he cares so much about me and my business that he wants to push me to grow (in a good way). I love hanging around Jon as I know he’s one of my biggest fans!

Chris Smith from Compustar Technology is also one other person I have leaned on to ask questions, get feedback, and brainstorm with. He’s a writer by heart and has such a deep sense of professionalism and knowledge about him. Although he may run a computer company, he has a heart for writing and for those who write. I always tease him by telling him that one day he’ll be in charge of my fan club. He has always attended my classes, gives me great feedback, and is a beyond and above supporter for me and my business.

Amanda Griffith from Everyday Light has also influenced me in my life recently. I met her back in the summer when I was trying out the networking group, Conscious Business Connections. I really got to know her when I spent the night at her apartment and we talked for several hours. Not only does she remind me of my best friend who lives in Georgia, but when I talk about the pain points in my business, I KNOW she’s feeling my pain. She’s feeling the ache that I have and she’s knows that ache well. Amanda has coached me several times on my marketing skills and she has also been a dear friend to me these past few months.

Last but not least, I want to thank YOU for making my 26th year a great one! Thank you for your support, your honesty, your feedback, and your friendship! I hope to spend many more years with you as we go through this journey together! Now let’s make this next year an INCREDIBLE one!

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I am an author of three books, International speaker and writer, and coach who is married to a USAF veteran. Together we have a beautiful son, so when I’m not chasing him around, I love to snuggle with my cat, travel, drink coffee and read fantasy (Brandon Sanderson fans in the house?).