How is your opt-in coming along? It’s Opt-In August and right now and I am challenging you to come up with your opt-in so you can grow your email list. Growing your email list is critical to your business – not only is it helping you build know, like and trust, but it’s also helping you build a community full of raving fans who enjoy hearing from you on a regular basis!

Today is about strategies to implement your opt-ins and where you might find opportunities to do so! If you’re ready, then let’s drive deep into it now!

Blog Content

One of the best places to put your opt-in is in your blog! Now here are several ways you can take advantage of using your opt-in on your blog to begin building your email list:

You can create an opt-in that has to do with what you’re blog is talking about. For example, I have put in my Mind Map as an opt-in when I talked about coming up with blogging content, I have created several 1-4 sheet guides to expand on my blog content, and a worksheet. I have seen anywhere from worksheets, blueprints, guides, assessments, and webinar classes on blogs as opt-ins.

If you’re still thinking, “I still have no idea what my opt-in is going to be on,” then here is something you can do now until you have that figured out: get people to sign up to receive your blogs via email. This is one convenient way to get people reading your blogs all in the comfort inside their inbox.

Content Upgrades

Content Upgrades is bonus content that only people who give you their email address can be accepted to read. This content is usually a more in depth in what your audience is already reading from your blog or an article that you have written. This content upgrade could be a webinar, eBook, assessments, blueprints and guides that people can sign up for to download. Right now, I have my Complete Guide to Begin Blogging as an eBook that people can download and begin learning how to begin blogging today as my content upgrade.

Video Series

Video series is popular due to the visual effects and the mini lessons you can incorporate into them. This could be a GREAT way to get your audience engaged and interactive with you and your brand. I would suggest making a 3-7 day challenge where you send a video to your subscribers daily and when they receive your email, they can watch each video at their own leisure to unpack some serious value. Maybe it can be one of your eBooks that you have turned into a video series and you talk about each point or “chapter” video style!


Challenges are HUGE right now! This is another GREAT way to get people interested in what you’re doing. Create a 5-14 day challenge to help move your audience from point A to point B easily and effectively. You can use content or video to create the challenge, it’s up to you. Also, including worksheets or cheat sheets can be an “added bonus” to the challenge (make it sound more juicy than just the original content!).

Where do you share these opt-ins on?

Here’s a list that you can think about spreading your opt-ins on (but not limiting to):

-Facebook Groups (Promotion days only please! Each group has their own unique set of guidelines and you want to follow them!)

-Your blog

-Your website

-Your email list

-Guest blog posting (in the Bio section)



-Ask your power partners or business friends if they would share your offer on their own business Facebook pages



-Facebook Ads

-Webinars (as freebies or bonuses)

These are just a few ideas to get you started in brainstorming on where you can begin spreading and sharing your opt-ins.

When you are describing your opt-ins, you want to talk about pain point, pain point, pain point with benefit, benefit, benefit. Mention how your opt-in is going to move the dial in this person life by 2% or more by solving a problem right now rather than later. If you are not sure how it can affect your audience’s life, then ask a beta client to check out what you came up with and get feedback and a testimonial from them. This will build credibility and repoire.

A word about all of these strategies

At the end of each of these strategies, the main goal is to ask for the sale. You will want to make an email campaign (or a drip campaign) where you’re not only giving out the challenge, eBook, or whatever else you’re giving away, but also additional value and information about the subject you’re giving out on.

Next week I will be talking more about having opt-ins that are paid for or when you ask for the sale, these can be the content upgrades you can provide. This will help people to begin to invest with you at a small price so when you offer the bigger price, it will be a no-brainer for them. This is what we call a funnel process (the opt-in is the beginning process of these funnels).

I know it might be a lot to take in, but why don’t you start small and start with asking people to receive your blog via email every week (or how often you post)? Then work your way up to other opt-ins, like eBooks, challenges and worksheets.

If you ever need help brainstorming your opt-in or what you can do for it, then let’s chat by clicking here to get on my schedule. I would LOVE to help you discover the process of your funnel so you can be a rockstar business owner!

Join me next week as I will be talking all about how to make money with your op-ins!

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