Don’t you just LOVE it when something doesn’t go your way? Like you wrote a WHOLE BLOG POST and the page refreshes and it all DISAPPEARS?

Yup, that just happened to me and boy, I had written an awesome blog post for you.

So here to re-writing it and hoping perhaps this one will be even better (hey, maybe the last one wasn’t good enough? I’m trying to find the positive side here!). 

I am sharing with you the behind the scenes, real life, dirty me for the month of June and last week, I showed you my incredible dirty house. This week, I am going to talk about how I handle it all.

Which, let’s take a moment to laugh at this absurd notion.


I can tell you EXACTLY how I handle it all:

I don’t.

I get frustrated at myself, my husband, and the situation quickly (thank you postpartum). Unnecessary fights break out and it usually on me. I have to go back and apologize to my husband because I know I’m at fault.

Some days goes my way.

Other days go down the tube.

Some days, I’m 100% okay with hearing my son scream in my ear.

Other days, I get very impatient and have to remind myself that he’s a baby and he doesn’t know what’s going on or how to communicate besides to scream in my ear (BTW: He’s a good baby, he rarely screams in my ear).

Some days, I get everything done on my to-do list and still have energy to cook.

Other days, I am drained, exhausted, and nothing got done.

Not only am I a brand new mom to a beautiful baby boy, but I’m also a housewife, grocery shopper, meal prepper, lover, chef, diaper changer, cry-smoother, and also a businesswoman.

How do I do it all? How am I 100% okay when I can’t do it all?

Well, here are three things that are helping me overcome the chaos and stress of being a new mom and a seasoned businesswoman. 

1) I force myself to be 100% okay with not getting everything done.

I’m in the process of creating passive income for myself. I have been working on several new workbooks that I want to sell and fortunately, I got the workbooks done (only took me three weeks) and now I have to go through creating the landing pages for them. 

I wanted these workbooks out back in May. It’s June y’all. 

I wanted to have sold 20 units by the end of May. I have sold 1 unit of each. That’s a start, right?

I’m limited on time now. Anthony (my son) is teething and some days, it just doesn’t get done. My to-do list falls apart and what I wanted to get done, doesn’t. What I wanted to accomplish in May, is now barely getting started in June.

Am I frustrated? Beyond that point.

Am I okay with it? I have to be. 

I have to remind myself that my baby boy won’t always be a baby. Would I rather spend time with him, hold him when he’s crying, give him my attention or have passive income? The answer is pretty obvious: I want to be present with him. 

I want him to know that my life doesn’t revolve around my business. That he is my life and his needs are just as important as my needs. So I am forced to be 100% okay with not getting things done because I would rather have his smile than money.

2) Reading “Girl, wash your face” by Rachel Hollis

This book NEEDS to be read by every woman who is working, staying at home, or running her own business. Rachel is a mom, boss-woman of a global company, speaker, wife, homemaker, and entrepreneur. Her book is both hilarious and tragic.

Magical and seldom.

Fierce and humbling.

I encourage you to read her book either on audio books, Kindle or hardcopy. I love her vulnerability and her truth. She will lovingly praise you in one sentence, and then in the next sentence tell you a harsh truth you needed to hear.

This book gave me so much to think about in my own life. It helped me to see how comparing myself is cheating myself, how I’m believing so many lies about my own life, and how I can begin living an even greater life – a life my son and husband can be proud of.

If you’re a mom, businesswoman who works a 9-5 job, or a mom making money at home, read this book. It’s utterly amazing!

So what helps you “do it all”? What are your mindset shifts you have to make in order to remind yourself that it’s okay not to get everything done? Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook Page (you can PM me too!)! 

Then let me know below in the comments or on my Facebook Page what you want me to talk about next week on being a brand-spankin‘ new mom and a seasoned businesswoman. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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