Have you seen that on your Facebook feeds lately? I have been seeing a Facebook ad lately that talks about how you shouldn’t spend your time blogging because it’s dead. 

As a blog lover myself (and a avid reader of other blogs), it makes my word-loving heart pretty upset when I read this because not only do I love blogging, but I have seen it create income for me in so many ways that I feel if you’re telling people that blogging is dead and not to do it, then you’re not helping them.

I feel that blogging is the centerpiece of your content strategy. Without a blog, you don’t have much to create a strategy because you lack the necessary content to create a strategy! Also, you are always going to be creating brand new content because you literally don’t have any content to repurpose.

How many of you want to save time by repurposing your content? *Raises hand* This is why I believe blogging is the very thing that not only drives your business, but it drives your content and visibility strategy efforts.

How has my blog been the centerpiece of my content strategy? Let me tell you below so you can repeat my process and learn how to save time and energy with the power of repurposing.

My blog is the core content to my weekly marketing efforts.

You might have heard the term “core content” and that is essentially the content that you base your weekly content on. This so happens to be either a podcast or a blog because both have substantial content involved in them. 

When I write a blog post, I have just created my social media posts, my newsletter, and my Facebook Live video content. I use my blog as core content to base my weekly marketing activities on. And it’s a whole lot easier to do that than to create brand new content every day.

It gives me content for my paid offerings.

Because I have a whole slew of blogs on my website (this is blog 177 and that’s not including the guest blog posts I have written), I now have plenty of content to create a paid offering. Yes, you can take your FREE content and put it together into a PAID OFFERING.

How does that work? Like this: people PAY you to give them content in an organized manner that makes sense and flows well. My blogs are not always organized and it will take you time to dig to find the right blog post that could help you get that win you’re looking for. 

I have taken my blog posts and created paid courses, classes, and workshops. I have been blogging for over three years, so I have a lot of content to chose from and that means I don’t have to sit there and create NEW content for my workshop. That just seems hard!

When I can take blog posts and create something new, it’s just one way to repurpose and present it for someone to experience me in a new way.

It gives me content for my free offerings.

Want to create a free challenge or a workbook? Take content from your blog and put it inside your freebie. Easy.

I have also used my blog to create free workshops; one of my most popular workshops is when I took 4 blog posts and made it into a workshop. To date, I have made several thousand dollars from it. All from putting together free content into a organized workshop.

Blogs give me content for Podcast interviews.

Podcasting is one of my favorite ways to get out there without having to leave my house. One of my favorite things is when the podcast host gives me the questions he/she will ask me before the show and I can put together my answers from my blog posts and go off of that.

Having a Blog gives me a Visibility Plan.

A blog gives me an additional way to get seen and heard. It’s a way that I can promote myself, my business and my message to a wide audience who will either resonate with my message or not. It gives new audiences a chance to experience who I am for the first time.

It also gives me content to work off of for new courses, classes, workshops, challenges and more. When I create a new program or freebie, I get to promote it through my blog and social media outlets. And when I want to strategize my content, my blogs are the first place I go to begin strategizing and build a visibility plan from there.

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