My clients and I made over $9,000 in 60 days.

There’s no hard work involved, no launches, no strategy, but nine words that helped convert readers into buyers. Prospects into paying clients.

You read that right. Nine words lead to over $9,000.

Do you want to know what this secret is?

If you want to work with amazing clients, make money, and live a life you love, then this is a method that I teach my clients to do to make money and get my clients FAST! Let me introduce you to the 9-word email concept.

The 9-Word Email that Makes Money

All you need is one nine word email

If you’re wondering what are these magic words I used to bring myself and clients a lot of money, then here it is: 

“Do you still need help with XYZ?”

That’s it.

But you replace XYZ with whatever it is you do or help your clients get. 

In my nine-word email, I wrote a few different versions depending on what the person I am messaging talked about in a previous conversation:

“Do you see me and you still need help with a blog?”

“Do you need help with creating content for your business?”

That’s it. Now let’s begin sending it to people!

Who to Reach Out To

The people I emailed with this simple nine-words are people who have said no to me in the past, potential clients that want to work with me,  people I want to work with, people who got me on speaking gigs, or people whose messaging needs tweaking.

Don’t forget to reach out for referral partners, because your referral partners are great people who might need your services too, or who could refer you to someone you know.  

I encourage all of you (as well as my clients) to send this email to 50 people. 

If you’re finding yourself hyperventilating about that, then good news: it will only take 45-minutes. 

All you’re doing is copying and pasting the same sentence over and over again. Simple. 

Your Next Money-Making Steps

Once you want to have an email sent out, and when someone responds to it (it’s a numbers game at this point), you can ask them, “Hey, do you want to get on a call? I got some ideas for you.”

The reason you want to get them on a call with you is so that you can feel what they need and then offer one of your services as the solution. 

I highly recommend getting an online calendar if you don’t already have one to include in your message back. That way you’re not playing the back and forth game and it just keeps things nice and simple.

I use Acuity Calendar as my online calendar and I love it! It’s only $10/month or $110/year and it integrates with Google and Zoom, so it’s perfect for me. 


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Your Simple (and FAST) Money-Making System

Let’s recap: 

You’re going to send the 9-word email to 50-odd people and when someone responds, you’ll ask them to get on a call with you, and then, if it makes sense, make the offer, and see what happens.

It’s literally that simple.

One of my clients landed a $5,000 speaking engagement, another client sold a $2,400 package, another got a new participate in her group program, while a friend (not even a client) had someone say yes to a 3-month coaching package. 

This simple system works. You just need to do it and watch it work for yourself.

Start Working on that 9-Word Email Now!

This is what I teach my clients to do and you should be doing in this in your business if you want to see real money, real quick, real fast within the next 30 days or less. 

If you want to get more clients now and make fast income with new clients, then let’s get started inside of Get Client$ Now Bootcamp, a 4-week online program that walks you through a variety of steps that gets you momentum fast!

Inside of the 4-week course, you’ll get four different lessons on what to do right now to create more revenue and new clients FAST! Every week, you’ll have a new assignment to land new clients organically and without feel salesy! 

It all starts with Get Clients Now Bootcamp or by getting on a call with me personally so I can give you some ideas that fit your business model now.

If you take on the challenge of reaching out to 50 people with the 9-word email, let me know your success by emailing me at [email protected]


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