Did you know that there are 3.4 BILLION users on the internet at any given time? That’s a total of 46% of the world’s population that are on the internet DAILY! And the use of people using their mobile device to surf the internet is at an all-time high and it’s climbing. There’s no better time than to reach people from all over the world with ease and comfort than there is now and blogging is just one tool to reach this population to find your niche, clientele, and share your message!

Have you ever wanted to blog, but didn’t know the real reason behind blogging?

Maybe you know that you SHOULD be blogging, but you don’t know how to even begin organizing your content, ideas, focus or are too overwhelmed with the whole process!

Or perhaps you keep putting it off because you see blogging as a “time sucking” activity.

Many of you have been wanting to write a blog for quite some time, but understanding the real reason to begin may have been a little fuzzy.

Reason #1: You will be showcasing your expertise.

Blogging is a great way to begin exploiting yourself, your expertise and your authority in your given area. It’s a way to be relatable, answer questions, and ultimately, begin separating yourself from your competition because you’re saying, “This is me, this is how I do it, and this is my area of genius.” Stake that claim and don’t waver from it!

Reason #2: You will develop your Brand.

When you begin blogging and showcasing your expertise through your content, your brand will be developed from that. People will begin to know, like and trust you because of your voice, the consistency of your blogs, the helpfulness and value you give, and the expertise that you’re showing off.

Reason #3: You can find higher-end clientele through blogging.

Showing your expertise and establishing your authority in your field through blogging is going to help elevate you, your business and your confidence to begin charging more and getting paid what you’re worth (therefore eliminating lowballers who don’t really care about your expertise anyways!). It will show people your true worth and the value you’re going to provide when they begin to work with you!

Where to Find Content for your Blog

Look inside your computer

Many of us have files upon files of, well files where we have written down topics or interests that we have discovered. Maybe it’s even small programs we have created or Facebook posts we saved that we thought, “Did I really just create that?!”

I want you to open up your Documents on your computer and type in your expertise in the search bar. I am a writer, so I can type in “Writing” in my search bar. See what comes up. What are some of the documents you have created that relates to what your audience wants to hear?

Have you done a webinar, prepared a speech, or took notes for a class that you loved? Use this as starting points for coming up with topics to talk about!


Finding topics doesn’t have to be hard and Pinterest is a great way to find lists of different ideas of what to talk about in your blog. Just search “blogging topics”, “what to write” or “content for blog” and that will lead you to a galore of ideas to begin with!

Mind Dump

Take time to have a complete and utter mind dump. In this exercise, I want you to write down everything you know, all your passions, experience, talents, knowledge, training, college degrees, research, you name it! Just dump it all on paper!

You can even download my free Mind Map by clicking the picture below!

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do people ask you things that you’re pretty much sick and tired of answering or it seems too common knowledge for you? Why not give them a book instead? Write out the top 7-10 questions people are ALWAYS asking you and you’re tired of answering and make each question a chapter.

How to get seen using your blog

Spread it!

Spread your blog where your target marketing is hanging out on! I have chosen three different social media platforms in which I spread my blog on and that’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I would highly suggest to spread it on your newsletter as well. Every month on my newsletter, I feature a blog post on it. I would also suggest talking about your blog in Facebook groups when they allow promotion days or days where you’re allowed to share your blog. This is one great way to share your message across different platforms that you’re already on or using.


Did you know that this blog that I am writing and turned into a speech? Yeah, I totally took this blog I have written and made it into a one hour lunch and learn course. How simple! And I’ve made it into an eBook as well, which is a popular download. The content’s here, why not use it to teach a class? Plus, I’ve made several thousand dollars teaching this blog alone. How much money could YOU make if you turned a few blogs into a speech, webinar or lunch and learn?

Want to download the Complete Guide to Begin Blogging eBook? Click the picture and download it FREE now!

Guest blog post

The beautiful thing about guest blog posting is that someone else has done all the work of finding followers, gaining followers and has built an established blog before you and are welcoming you to share your brilliance so their subscribers to see your message! Many bloggers allow guests to come in and write for their target audience and allow a bio and your url to be shared on their site that leads back to your blog. Many of these bloggers has 10K+ readers, which gives you the opportunity to gain some followers of your own! So, how do you find these bloggers to guest write for?


 Blogging doesn‘t need to be complicated or anything, it can seriously be something fun, a place where you’re building your SEO to your website, and a place to get ideas for your next speech, presentation or webinar! Blogging does take work, but if you are serious and passionate about your work, why wouldn’t you want to share your message to everyone you know! 

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