You finally got up the courage and go on Facebook Live. You have prepared for it and it’s going to be an EPIC live event and you’re excited! You get on there and you begin talking, excited and thrilled at all the people who are going to come on and comment on the video! You are ready to answer any and all questions, but then you hear…


You feel discouraged. How is your message suppose to get out if no one is watching? 

Sure, the play back is available, but even you don’t watch 99% of your friend’s videos and you think, Why would they want to watch mine?

I believe we can all identify with this. We have seen people whose videos are flooded with comments, suggestions, and questions from their prospective clientele and we wonder why we’re not getting that same attention. 

I want to point out to you that Facebook Live takes time and consistency to gain that following and get people in the habit of looking out for your videos. In today’s post, I want to mention a few of my past clients who have had massive success using Facebook Live and they just implemented a few simple strategies into their lives: the willingness to be committed to regular Live videos, announcing that they are going live, and gave it time to build up know, like and trust.

Katy Acosta

Katy came to me during a huge transition in her life. She wanted to begin blogging but didn’t know where to start. Her mentor, Roxy Jordet (see last week’s post), was one who began to blog and recommended that she start as well. At the time, Katy was targeting a different audience, so we can up with content for her blog as well as freebies to grow her email list.

Katy has since changed directions, but she has carried on the same blogging strategies we put in place for her. She is using Facebook Live regularly now where she announces she is going live 5-10 minutes before hand. She goes Live between 2-5 times a week where she has now gained popularity and people are seeing her as an expert in her field. 

She is using Facebook Live to showcase her expertise and lead people into her Facebook group and read her blog posts. Through Facebook Live, she has created a tribe that trusts her to buy what she’s offering! And of course, she’s making money and gaining new team members all the time! Look at the post below!

Mindy Kain

Mindy came to me to know how to begin blogging for her online company. So we created a content bank on how to tell her story in a way that connected to her audience. One way that Mindy used to explore different topics and share her expertise was through Facebook Live. She went on Facebook Live 2-4 times a week, sharing her heart and different topics.

One night, she had over 200+ views just by sharing what was on her mind! And yes, she is getting comments and questions throughout her entire video! When I talked to her about how her blogging was going,  she told me she couldn’t have done it without first blogging. Blogging was the very thing that helped her step up into her authentic authority and create a message that she loved. Without blogging, she wouldn’t have used Facebook Live because not having that content bank to go on was the very thing that held her back for so long.


Both Mindy and Katy used blogging to jump start their Facebook Live careers! They both knew that they needed content to move forward in their business and blogging was the place to start. I love how both women found their voice through blogging and then jumped onto Facebook Live, knowing what to say and how to say it. Because of blogging, they are more empowered to move onto different forms of mediums, such as Facebook Live.

Are you wanting to begin blogging, but you don’t know where to start? 

Do you see yourself as the expert in your field, but don’t know how to express your expertise in a way that authentically communicates to your ideal clients?

Are you ready to reach more people than just your local area, but don’t know how to generate content to use?

Let me introduce you to a FREE 7 Day Challenge that starts on August 21, 2017, that is going to teach you exactly how to write your first evergreen blog post!

What’s an evergreen blog post? An evergreen blog post is a post that will always be relevant, no matter how many years past. It’s a blog post you can repost, reuse, and talk about all the time, without the content ever getting old or “out of date”!

Why would you want to take this challenge? Let me tell you something: when you get in on this challenge, you’re going to learn the fundamentals about blogging – meaning you can take what you learn and apply it to every single blog post hereafter!

Create Your First Epic Evergreen Blog Post Challenge starts on Monday, August 21, and you’ll have the option of doing the challenge either through email or Facebook messenger! Get your voice out there and known! The beginning may just be through blogging, just like Mindy and Katy!

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