You must be sick and tired of hearing about the coronavirus (am I right)? I know I sure am!

But I really believe that with these quarantine events that are happening and schools closing, this is an excellent opportunity to use the second type of content for your business to explode your business revenue.


Because you have the best opportunity to show others that they can have a freer life than the one they have now and can call the shots on their own and no outbreak can change that.

What is this second type of content I am talking about?

Lead Generation.

How can you use awareness and lead generation content to boost your business, clientele, and impact? Let’s get into that.

What is Lead Generation Content?

Lead generation is the type of content that you use to lead people from your awareness content into a more developed relationship with you and your brand. Think to ask your audience to download a free checklist, worksheet, video series, or some other free thing that will put them onto your email list so you can begin to nurture the relationship further.

As a reminder, awareness content is the content that your audience will see first and learn more about you and your business. Think of awareness content being a blog post, video, slides, speaking engagement, or podcast episode.

A quick example is you have a blog post where in the end, you ask for them to download a free workbook that will take what you learn into action. They get onto your email list and from there.

How do I leverage Lead Generation from this outbreak?

First, you need to have a presence online and social media, full of awareness content that allows your audience to find you and your business easily so they can become interested.

Secondly, you need to have a lead generation piece of content in place to funnel your new prospects into your email marketing system.

Okay, so how do you leverage this then?

Your awareness content needs to be focused on asking your audience questions about how their lives are affected by the coronavirus. It could revolve around how you’re happy that you can work online without worry about what happens in the outside world.

For example, I will be posting about how I am writing a blog post while traveling to visit family without the worry of not making money. I got clients, I have momentum, and I work with all my clients and partners via phone and online.

I have created a business style that allows me to write a blog post while traveling and I still have clients, money, and I’m still going full throttle, despite the crisis. I will be asking my audience if they want this lifestyle, then I can help them achieve it.

What can you post that will make people think, “Hrm… maybe I should reconsider this online business thing?”

Then you want to have a lead generation content piece ready – this can be anything from a call, checklist, worksheet, tutorial, training, video series, or audio series.

How do I know what to talk about?

In your awareness content, you just want to ask questions and start exploring, especially in social media. In your weekly content, start talking about how you are experiencing freedom, money, and ease during a time that people are experiencing stress, fear, and lack. 

Talk about what systems you have in place that creates clients, cashflow, and peace. Self-care will be a huge topic right now.

Get into the how and let people know they can have this same peace of mind in their life and they will never have to worry about another situation like this again.

On social, this is an excellent opportunity to ask what is holding your audience back from taking the plunge and starting their business. Do some market research and use your audience language for your lead generation content.

Then lead your new prospects into a process of relationship building so you can pave the way for them to experience life to the fullest.

It’s Your Time to Shine

This is the best time for entrepreneurs to showcase the ease of life and work when you have an online business. You can still conduct client meetings thanks to Zoom, continue creating videos with Loom, graphics with Canva, and send out weekly emails with systems like Mailerlite.

It’s the best time for you and your voice to shine. It’s time that you take your content to a whole new level by bringing on people on the same ride.

One way to get started is by downloading the How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Calendar Workbook that will help you plan out your awareness and lead generation content in a way that is both of service to new clients and builds your email lists with new loyal fans.

Start planning now to enjoy the benefits of your labor sooner. 


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