Raise your hand if you got into business because you just LOVE what you’re good at and you can teach others how to be great at it too?

*Raised Hands!*

Great! Because you can use your passion and expertise to fuel your blog content!

Some other ways to find great content for your blog is by conducting market research and creating surveys and quizzes for your audience so you can find what their pain points are and create content tailored to them.

Now you can take your passions, expertise and years of learning to create content that your audience desires to hear from you! 

We got into business because of our passion. And this passion fuels you and I to blog about it. Because we are so attached to our passion, we often forget that not everyone knows much about it and to break our passions down into bite-size chunks in order to communicate with our prospects.

I mean how many of you have been talking about what you do to someone and their eyes glaze over because they have no idea what you’re talking about?

We have ALL have done this! I am guilty here!

But what if we began to break down everything we do and teach into bite-size chunks that are easily understood and consumed? Wouldn’t that make what you do seem more exciting and less daunting to new prospects?

It sure does! So how do you break down your expertise or passion into sizable chunks?

By a mind map (aka brain dump)! Here’s how to work a mind map to gain potential content for your blog:

In the center, write down your expertise. Here’s my example: Blogging.

Now Blogging is a big word and it can mean a variety of things! So how can I chunk the idea of blogging down into smaller sizeable chunks? Well, when I think of blogging, I come up with a few topics that I find is essential when I think of the word blogging:

  • Content creation
  • Repurposing content
  • Monetizing
  • Tech

Next, I begin to chunk each one of these words down further. So when I think of Content Creation, I think that I need to find my content and where to post my content.

When I think Repurposing content, I think, “Hey, I can repurpose content into an email sequence I’m creating and I can repurpose content into a challenge I want to make.”

Get the gist?

After I break down each idea further, I can go back to Content Creation’s two ideas (finding content and where to post content) and break down those ideas even further! When I think of “Where do I find content?” I can say, “Well, Market Research and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) naturally!” 

Every time I chunk a topic down further, it gives me more and more topics to write about! Chunk it down until you can’t chuck it down any further. Here’s what it looked like by the end:

Then take one of the words in the smaller circle and put that word in the middle and see how much farther you can chuck that down! Having a Mind Map is going to give you a TON of topics to write about and it will help you describe your services in even more detail.

This is creating topics for you to talk about inside of your niche and in areas that you love.

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