Scenario 1:

You look at a blank screen, thinking, What am I going to write today?

You started a blog to share your message, but dangum! It’s hard to know what to say! So you just decide to sit and stare at your screen until you run out of patience and move on to something else, thinking, I’ll write next week. I’m sure to come up with something great by then!

Scenario 2:

You’re writing content, you’re blogging, creating social media posts, and heck, you have even started a newsletter to begin to build your tribe! 

But all you hear is crickets.

Your blog doesn’t get any shares or comments, your social media presence is barely visible and your newsletter open rates are embarrassing low.

You wonder why people aren’t responding or why people don’t bother to read your stuff when you are doing everything the experts say to do!

So where’s the engagement? Where’re the people?! 

You keep hoping beyond hope that perhaps something will stick soon enough, so maybe you should be putting more content out there, right?

I get it, I know you’re working hard on your content. Or perhaps you’re not able to think of anything to write about. 

I’ve been there – in both scenarios! 

But one of the things I have found to help me succeed in both areas is by having a content calendar. You have heard why every business owner should have a content calendar and if you don’t have one, I can assure you, you’re missing out on a fundamental piece of your business. Today, my focus isn’t to tell you why you need a content calendar. If you want to know why read this article on the three reasons why your business needs a content calendar.

Instead, I want to focus on my own breakthroughs I have had once I implemented my own content calendar into my business. I can sit here and give you 1254 reasons why you need a content calendar, but if you don’t see any impacts or results, then why bother

You see, I began to implement a sort-of content calendar plan in my business at the start of 2016. Every month, there was a theme and I wrote blogs and content surrounding that theme every month. May was Mindset May, June was Splash into Summer with Blogging, and September was all about business-related things.

But then in October 2016, it hit me that, although my content was good, it was not strategic. It wasn’t serving any purpose because I had promotions unrelated to my content. Yeah, I was talking about creating a powerful opt-in, but my promotion that month was something entirely different! I wasn’t leading people from my content into my promotion. I wasn’t giving the right value at the right time! There were no epic blog posts about what I was promoting! Instead, I was just creating content to be creating content.

So in October 2016, it donned on me that my content needed to coincide with my marketing.

Your BIG Take Away: Your Content Calendar MUST Coincide with Your Marketing Calendar to be Efficient, Strategic, and Purposeful!

Once I discovered that it literally changed my own way of thinking about my content and promotion activities!

Starting right then and there, I began to work with my marketing calendar and my content calendar to create a more meaningful and purposeful content that actually lead prospects into working with me, regardless if that was getting more people onto my list or getting more opportunities in my business. Because once I started to become strategic, people began to notice! 

Let me tell you how my business has changed since October 2016:

– I became an Intentional Speaker when a Virtual Summit Guru found my blog and loved how I was consistent and purposeful about it. She asked if I wanted to be on her Virtual Summit, which went worldwide in April 2017

– I have gotten onto more podcasts, including one in Australia! 

– More people sign up for my free offers

– I was asked to speak at a Startup Week in April 2017

– I formed a partnership in the summer of 2017 where we are still working together on a variety of projects

– My past clients are becoming bigger with their businesses because they have discovered how to be purposeful with their content as well

Katy Acosta and I worked together on her blog and now she’s recruiting new team members easily and effectively!

These are just some of the things that have happened since last year! It has been a BIG year for me and I want the same for you! If you want to become intentional, purposeful and strategic with your content, then download the newly updated Ultimate Content Calendar! You might have downloaded my calendar before, but this one is improved! It has a Goal Planning Sheet and a Review Sheet to help you see what your goals are for 30 days, plan it out, and then review it to see what worked, what didn’t and how can you move forward.

Are you ready to stop flinging your content all over the place, hoping something will stick and start becoming purposeful with it?

Are you ready to light up your content genie within you so you never have to worry about, What will I say today? again?!

Then go ahead and download the Ultimate Content Calendar NOW and begin changing your business immediately!  

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Female Entrepreneurs hire me to create and write successful blogs so that they can articulate their message into convertible and profitable content. Many are confused, overwhelmed, and lost at where to begin, so I help them step up into their authentic authority, strategize their message and increase their income all from the powerful use of blog strategy.

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I am an author of three books, International speaker and writer, and coach who is married to a USAF veteran. Together we have a beautiful son, so when I’m not chasing him around, I love to snuggle with my cat, travel, drink coffee and read fantasy (Brandon Sanderson fans in the house?).