Why do you have a blog, podcast, social media handles, or even an email list? It’s so you can build relationships with your potential customers so they feel comfortable buying from you because you’re the established expert in your field.

But what happens when relationship-building seems to be going nowhere? What happens then?

We know that having relationships with your customers online is essential. People still search for information through search engines, but they’re increasingly following companies and people they like on different online platforms. What people are looking for are trusted experts who can help them solve their problems.

You understand that strong relationships are keys drivers to sale your services and products. So how can you become a better relationship-builder with your target audience? Here’s how: 

Focus on the Customer

This may seem obvious but think for a second about how you build personal relationships (aka offline). You don’t do it by talking about yourself or focusing on your own needs, but by making an authentic connection by focusing on the other person.

The same goes with the online world. The best way to build a relationship is to focus on the customer. Offer what they need (not what you think they need), and they’ll follow you loyally.

If you’re already doing this, then conduct more research and gain an understanding of their challenges, problems, and questions. If you can help them deal with these issues, you’re on your way to building a stronger relationship.

Create the Best Content Possible

To build strong relationships, you need to offer high-quality content that is unique and offers real value to the people who consume it. If you create your content with your audience’s best interests at heart and try to do something different that no one else is doing, you’ll have quality content. You can create different content by looking at the gaps your competition has when you conduct market research.

Be Yourself

People buy you – so give your content marketing a personal touch and you’ll be more likely to build stronger relationships. Be yourself, be transparent, and be authentic with your copy.

Look back at May’s blog content where you’ll find blogs talking about my struggle with working and having a baby! I was able to be transparent (from showing my messy home) and vulnerable with the workload, the stress, and the whole newness of having a baby was taking on me.

Another way to build stronger relationships is to use actual pictures of yourself for profile images. Tell stories about yourself, experiences or others to add more you into your content wherever it’s appropriate. Connect authentically with your audience through social media on the platforms they are already on and using.

Monitoring Your Relationship Building

How do you measure relationship building? As with any online marketing efforts, you need to choose a few key metrics to watch that will tell you whether your efforts are paying off or not.

Some of the things you can measure to evaluate include:

  • Email open rates and click-through rates. If you have a good relationship with your subscriber list, they’ll open and take action on your emails.
  • Time spent on site. Measure the amount of time visitors spend on your site using Google Analytics. This shows whether it’s holding their interest and whether they’re reading.
  • Social media engagement. If people are sharing and commenting on your posts, this shows that they’re actively engaged with your brand.

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