Have you been wondering what to write about? Maybe you’re not 100% sure or you have too many ideas floating around in your head. As entrepreneurs, we can have so much content in our heads that we don’t know how to organize it in a logical way! Or maybe you’re not sure HOW to even come up with all these content ideas! Perhaps you’re struggling in this area. Don’t worry anymore! Inside of this article which I have revamped since 2016 (you can read the original post here), I have updated on where you can find content ideas and how you can begin planning your blogging content with logical flow!

Need help deciding WHY you should blog and what platform you should be blogging on? I have talked about reasons you should be blogging and what platform you can blog at, so check out these additional resources.)

I have several ways I have done this created content using my genius and expertise and I want to show you how today (with updates and new ways to generate content!):

Look inside your computer…

Many of us have files upon files of, well files where we have written down topics or interests that we have discovered. Maybe it’s even small programs we have created or Facebook posts we saved that we thought, “Did I really just create that?!”

I want you to open up your Documents on your computer and type in your expertise in the search bar. I am a writer, so I can type in “Writing” in my search bar. See what comes up. What are some of the documents you have created that relates to what your audience wants to hear?

Have you done a webinar, prepared a speech, or took notes for a class that you loved? Use this as starting points for coming up with topics to talk about!

Plus this is going to save you time and energy! I am all about saving myself time and this is one great way to see what you have done without even thinking about it and getting ideas to blog about.


Even to this day, I still recommend Pinterest. Finding topics doesn’t have to be hard and Pinterest is a great way to find lists of different ideas of what to talk about in your blog. Just search “blogging topics”, “what to write” or “content for blog” and that will lead you to a galore of ideas to begin with!

Mind Dump

Take time to have a complete and utter mind dump. In this exercise, I want you to write down everything you know, all your passions, experience, talents, knowledge, training, college degrees, research, you name it!, just dump it all on paper!

This is another great exercise to begin shuffling through what you already know and list what you’re interested in. This is sure to bring up topics you can talk about on your blog that is of interest and of help to your audience!

Ask your audience

Want to know what to REALLY write about? Then ask your audience! You can do this several ways: you can ask on Facebook Groups, calling past and current clients, calling people who should be working with you, and searching online.

Facebook Groups: When asking on FB Groups, you want to introduce yourself, let people know who is your ideal clients are, and what you do to help them solve their problem. Then ask, “If you are a [ideal client], what kinds of content do you enjoy reading or what questions do you want answered?”

Calling past and present clients (as well as people who should be working with you): Hop on the phone and call and ask, “Hey [name], I am wanting to know how I can serve you better, so I have come up with a list of questions to identify what you want to know from me. May I have a few minutes of your time?” This has worked WONDERS in my business and everyone I have ever called have been more than happy to help!

Searching Online: Go to websites where people are asking questions about what you love helping people succeed at and search for their questions! You can go to Buzzsumo to see how your competitors are tackling these questions! Inbound.org and Quora.com are great places to go as well! Another place to go is answerthepublic.com because they combine all the questions people are asking on Google and Bing and compile it into graphs. I highly recommend this site when you’re uncertain on what to write about.

Repurpose Content

Have you made a speech, created a course, wrote a book (or eBook), or created epic social media posts that flowed straight from our heart? Repurpose this content into blog posts! Create a mini series about a subject that you have created before on a different platform (like a book)! You can even repurpose a video that you have done, and yes, this includes Facebook Live videos as well!

Has this been helpful? Has this begun to stir ideas in your head on what you could be writing about in your blog?

If this blog has been helpful to you, please share it with your friends on social media and comment below to tell me how you find inspiration and blogging topics for yourself!

Have a question? Ask away as well! I’m always here to help!

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