You want to start a blog, you know what’s expected of you (read last week’s post where I talked about 3 things you need to do when you want to start a blog), and you’re ready to begin pushing out content! But where do you begin generating content? And how do you take that content to connect with your audience? How do you know if it is connecting?

Here are some of the ways I have found and generated content for my own blog and it has been a great way to connect with my audience! Take a few of these suggestions and begin seeing what your audience wants from you so you can begin writing and engaging your audience today!

**Quick Note: Content is like anything else, trial and error. It takes time to know what your audience wants, but when you have it (and you do some of the things I listed), then you’re well on your way to creating content that connects.**

1. Your Message

When you have something to share, it’s the most dominating thing you can talk about and think about. So how do you turn that into content that matters to your audience? Here are some questions for you to consider when you’re thinking about creating content that engages and interacts with your idea audience: 

  • What are some questions people are always asking you that you can answer on the top of your head with no thought?
  • What is a topic that you can talk about all day long and never get tired of talking about it (and people don’t get tired of listening to you!)?
  • What do you spend most of your time doing or researching?
  • What are some questions that you even have about your own area of expertise that people should be asking you?
  • What are people NOT asking you but SHOULD be asking you regarding your area of expertise?

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Do people ask you things that you’re pretty much sick and tired of answering or it seems too common knowledge for you? Why not turn that most asked question into a blog? Write out the top 3-5 questions people are ALWAYS asking you and you’re tired of answering and make each question into a blog post. The next time someone asks you, you can point them to your blog.

3. Inspiration

What inspires you? What author, speaker, podcast, or book has motivated you? Inspiration goes a long way and people crave positive words. Write about what inspires you and how it has fueled your passions for so long. If you’re sharing books, podcasts, speakers or anything else, be sure to link to them as it will help your audience find it easier.

4. Hot or Trending Topics

What is trending on the web right now that is about your area of expertise or even surrounding the area of your message? 

If you have an inkling of what it is, then how do you find hot or trending topics in your area of expertise?

Here are a few ideas for you to discover your own hot topics:

  • Look at your competition. I bet that they are answering hot or trending topics that you should be writing about right now.
  • Take a peek at for some ideas on what are the trending topics in your area of expertise.
  • Pinterest is the 2nd most used search on the web and usually, you can find your own hot topics by typing in one word and see what suggestions Pinterest has for you for your next word. This usually indicates what the most popular or trending word searches are

5. Mind Dump

Take time to have a complete and utter mind dump. In this exercise, I want you to write down everything you know, all your passions, experience, talents, knowledge, training, college degrees, research, you name it! Just dump it all on paper!

This will help when you’re not sure what you know or what people want from you. It’s such a good visual and I always encourage my clients to do this at least once!

6. Ask your audience

Want to know what to REALLY write about? Then ask your audience! You can do this several ways: you can ask on Facebook Groups, calling past and current clients, calling people who should be working with you, and searching online.

Facebook Groups: When asking on FB Groups, you want to introduce yourself, let people know who is your ideal clients are, and what you do to help them solve their problem. Then ask, “If you are an [ideal client], what kinds of content do you enjoy reading or what questions do you want answered?”

Calling past and present clients (as well as people who should be working with you): Hop on the phone and call and ask, “Hey [name], I am wanting to know how I can serve you better, so I have come up with a list of questions to identify what you want to know from me. May I have a few minutes of your time?” This has worked WONDERS for my business and everyone I have ever called have been more than happy to help!

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