You opted in to receive a gift from a blogger you’ve been following and then, you begin to receive related content into your inbox starting the next day. You know this is email marketing and you are devouring every word this blogger has to say because you loved your free gift!

Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of trying out this email marketing yourself, but where do you start? What technology do you need? How do you create an opt-in and then how do you write an email sequence?!

No more worries for inside of this post, you’re going to learn what you need to have in order to begin using email marketing to build brand awareness and more. 

Why email?

According to Constant Contact, they found these statistics about email marketing:

72 percent of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication.

 According to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.

61 percent of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly. 38 percent would like emails to come even more frequently.

Email is a big deal and when you and get into someone’s email, you have a direct line to them, their eyes, and their hearts. This is why building your email list for your business is a MUST and you need to begin NOW!

Where do I start?

You want to start by getting an email marketing system like Convertkit, Mailchimp or Mailerlite. I personally use Mailerlite right now and I like it so far. I would suggest that you get on a few, play around with them for a week or so, and then determine which one you like best.

Whichever one you chose, this will allow you to create email sequences, newsletters and more to provide value directly to your audience.

What’s an email welcome sequence?

Blogger Meera Kothand puts it this way:

An email sequence is a series of emails that are sent on auto based on a frequency and order which you pre-determine. They are not broadcast emails that are sent to your entire list or to segments of your list.

You might be wondering when you send out an email welcome sequence and the answer to that is when someone downloads a free content upgrade that you have available on your website or blog. A content upgrade is simple a downloadable PDF or other sources of free, valuable content that your audience can take and begin using in their business pronto.

It could also be for a webinar, workshop, or course you’re hosting and want to build up momentum with your audience.

Where do I create my content upgrade?

You can create your content upgrade using Canva, which is a free and paid service. I use the free version and I have created all my content upgrades using Canva. 

If you’re wondering what kinds of content upgrades you can create, click here to read a post that lists over 20+ different content upgrades you can give away to begin building your email list.

Why do I need an email sequence for my audience?

Email welcome sequences have multiple benefits besides just getting into your prospects emails. Here are a few reasons why you need a email welcome sequence:

  • Helps you become the expert in your field through delivering valuable content frequently into your prospects emails.
  • They help you pitch your product and make sales while you’re asleep.
  • Build a relationship with your potential prospect.
  • Give your prospect reason to trust your brand.
  • Showcase your brilliance through content easily, all from the comfort of your home.

What do I say in my email welcome sequence?

Having a email welcome sequence is like a greeting card; you are introducing yourself to a stranger and you want them to like you, so you are creating content that is going to help them solve a problem they have.

You would never invite strangers to your house without getting to know them first, right? This is essentially why you need to have a email welcome sequence after your prospect downloads your content upgrade.

You want to welcome them into your house, show them your living room, offer them cookies, and then ask them questions to get to know them better.

In the online world, this all begins with a series of emails that will bring you down to their level, let them know you understand them because you were once there, and then give them small wins to help them with their business or life.

Each email welcome sequence will be different to a degree, depending on what you’re offering, but you can begin creating and sending your email welcome sequence when you download Write Your First Email Welcome Sequence Workbook!

This workbook will teach you the easy and quick ways to write a 4-part email welcome series to welcome newbies into knowing who you are and what you do. Inside the workbook, you’re going to learn exactly how to:

  • Welcome your new subscriber to getting to know you and your brand
  • Showcase how you can relate to them in where they are at right now in life or business  
  • How and why your content upgrade is essential to their life or business
  • How to lead them through to their next step with you and your business
  • BONUS: You’ll be lead through a email sequence where you’ll learn my own mistakes and examples of how I have written my own email welcome sequences!

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