You want to grow your online brand, but maybe webinars and online courses aren’t your thing. Now what?

Let me introduce you to Virtual Classes and/or Workshops.

As a Coach or Speaker who wants to gain an online presence, you can teach your signature class virtually, thanks to today’s technology. Maybe you have some questions regarding how to put on a Virtual Class, and for that, I’m here to answer some questions for you as I am planning some virtual classes and workshops myself in the coming months.

Where do I host my virtual class on?

Depending on what level of interaction you want, you can host your virtual class on Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Crowdcast. For me, I know when I start teaching virtual classes, I only want the chat feature as I am not comfortable speaking to people on Zoom with their video on (especially if I don’t know them). So for me, I’ll probably stick with Crowdcast or Google Hangouts and Youtube.

How do I let people know about my virtual class?

It’s pretty much the same as hosting a webinar. Depending on how you want your virtual class to be and the privacy of it, you may only want to invite people you know when you’re out speaking or through another strategy.

For me, I want to invite people I don’t know onto my virtual class, anywhere in the world. So I have a 5 day ecourse (being introduced next week) where I am going to lead people who signed up for it into my virtual class. That’s why I feel more comfortable just having a chat feature instead of video feature for my students.

You can invite people while you’re out speaking, inform your clients, inform your email list, talk about it on your blog, and build up some affiliates with your peers and power partners to get in front of their audience.

Or you can have a strategy like myself where you offer a freebie that lead people into the next logical step: buy a ticket to attend your virtual workshop.
What should the price point be?

The price point can be anything you want it to be. You can have an early bird ticket for $47 and then go up to $97. Or you can have the early bird for $97 and the regular price at $197. It’s up to you and what you feel comfortable charging.

How do I get people to pay?

The reason why I like Crowdcast is because they have a setting where your webinar is a paid webinar and that means one less step I have to worry about.

You can also use DPD, which the digital produce you’re “selling” is the welcome packet to your virtual class or the workbook you’re offering for your workshop that you made easily in Canva. It’s easy to set up and works well with both PayPal and Stripe.

What’s the true benefit of having a virtual class?

You can teach your class once and when you use Google Hangouts or Crowdcast, it records the class for you and you know what? You can resell the recording through an ongoing funnel. That’s pretty exciting stuff, right? Make money while you sleep!

Plus, you can always be promoting a higher price product or service. I know my virtual workshop will be leading into a $400+ service that I offer. This is part of my funnel process. I also know once I am done teaching my own workshops a few times, I’m going to have my workshop as a funnel system that is always running.

I can not only reach more people, but begin gaining more clients who want to work with me on a higher scale after the workshop.


There you have it. If you want to gain an online presence and make money, then I think a virtual class/workshop with a workbook would be an easy way to begin building your online message and brand.

Leave a comment below and tell me what your thoughts are about a virtual workshop. What workshop or class can you begin teaching online?

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