You are READY this year, you know abundance is waiting for you and your coaching business, but then you think, “How do I get seen? Where do I start? Where do I go from here, especially with my online marketing?”

Let’s face it: getting seen online can be difficult, especially when it seems every other coach is out there demanding your audiences attention! Then you go to their website and you see all these “As seen in” logos and you wonder how the heck did they get seen in all of these places and you haven’t yet!

It all begins with planning. You have to have a Visibility Plan in your business where you make yourself visible. And no, I’m not talking about making yourself visible on social media (no one has an “As seen on Facebook Business Page” logo on their website yet, so social media doesn’t count here). I’m talking about getting onto podcasts, magazines and big time blogging sites that you can be proud to say “I’ve been on here!” These are what matter most AND they build credibility to your name and business! Read last weeks article about setting up an easy and uncomplicated Visibility Plan.

If you have been wondering how to sell more books, spread your message to a bigger audience, and stand apart, then lets dive into the first of the Visibility Series by discussing how to become a guest blogger.

What is a Guest Blogger?

A guest blogger is where he/she blogs for a busy blogger. Many bloggers have spent years building subscribers, traction, traffic, and readers that now, they are so busy with that, they don’t have time to blog! So they allow guest bloggers to come in and fill in the gaps when the original blogger cannot do it him/herself.

Why would I want to write a Blog for another Blogger?

There are several reasons why you want to blog for someone else, so here are three reasons for why I have guest blogged.

One – they have built up their traffic and readers so if you are just starting out, this is a GREAT opportunity for you to get in front of THEIR audience and present yourself, your knowledge and your expertise to them.

Two – it’s one of the easiest ways to become visible to a new set of eyes when you’re not ready to begin getting on podcasts or radio shows. It’s easy to step into and showcase to your audience that you’re getting out there.

Three – it’s a way to generate new leads by offering a Call to Action at the end of the blog post, gain traffic and traction in your business without spending too much time or energy. And it’s free!

It’s one of the best win-win situations because, for me, I get to be in front of someone else’s audience to gain new leads and prospects while gaining visibility about myself, my brand and my message.

Great! Where do I find these Bloggers who want Guest Bloggers?

The Power of Google.

Google “[your industry] + guest blog opportunities” or “guest blog for [your industry]” to see who is accepting guest bloggers in your area of expertise.

Facebook Groups.

Facebook is such a powerful tool and many of us are already in too many Facebook Groups! So why not hop into a few of them and ask if anyone is looking for guest bloggers in your area of expertise.

**NOTE: ALWAYS mention the topics you enjoy writing about and who you serve! Ensure the blogger has the same audience as you do! (Mistake I have done in the past!)


Pinterest is the second largest search engine besides Google. There is bound to be a blogger out there who is either calling for guest bloggers or who is writing about people who want guests to come in and write for them. It’s a great place to get started.

What do I need to have ready before I contact a Blogger?

Just three things: Amazing topics, a Headshot and a Call to Action to generate leads at the end of your blog post. I would suggest having already complete an email sequence for your call to action so this new audience can really experience you in a unique way.

How do I approach a Blogger with my topic idea?

Upon finding a blogger you wish to blog for after looking through their blogs and ensuring they are a good fit for you and your business (criteria for this in another section below), they will either have a form on their website in which you can fill out or you can email them.

If emailing, use the subject line “Guest Blog Idea” or “Guest Blog Topic” to let them know you’re not spam and you’re interested in writing for their blog. 

I have always kept my emails simple and short. They are rarely lengthy and they get straight to the point. So here is the basis of how I have always written my emails to ask if the blogger would be interested in a blog topic for their audience:

  • Greet them (ALWAYS say their name!)
  • Introduce yourself
  • Your intention for the email
  • Your topics 
  • Ask what topics they are looking for
  • Wrap up with “I can’t wait to hear from you!”

That’s it! That is how I have gotten onto Classy Career Girl, IvoryMix, Blog Society, and Ladies Who Make Money blogs!

Once you and the blogger have decided on a topic, then ask about the details: length of blog post, how they want the blog delivered, what they want from you, when they want the blog by, and any other requirements they may have so you can deliver content in a timely manner.

Any other tips I need to know about?

There sure are! These tips will save you so much time because these are the tips I didn’t have and I had to learn things the hard way.

  • Remember to make sure their audience and your audience match up!
  • Ensure they have active commenters and subscribers before writing for their blog. This usually means you’ll get comments on your blog and its a sign that they have traffic going to their site.
  • Let people know about your free gift (your call to action) by the end so they have an opportunity to get onto your list.
  • Ask the blogger how they usually promote their blogs.
  • Ask the blogger when the post will go live so you can plan to promote it.
  • Make a plan to promote the blog post after it goes live and even a few weeks after.
  • Ask the blogger if you can use their logo for your website and direct the backlink directly to your blog post on their website. Many will say yes, this is free advertisement for them!

That’s how you gain visibility with Guest Blog Posting!

Have any additional questions about Guest Blog Posting? Go to my Facebook Page and ask me! I want to know how I can support you on your Visibility Journey! 

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