The most frustrating things about limiting beliefs is that they are buried deep and have grown roots into our minds. So we have to do be mindful of what we are thinking, what we are telling ourselves and our Crew members (refer back to Part 1 to see this reference).

This month is called Mindful May and it’s called that for a reason – this month I am taking a hard look at our mindsets and how we are playing small because we are living small.

So how can you overcome Limiting Beliefs? Here are three ways to help you overcome your Limiting Beliefs that I have found to work with me (as I have been more conscious on what I’ve been telling myself):

  1. Be mindful on what you say to yourself. The number one way to get over limiting beliefs is to STOP telling yourself these CRAZY phrases! Stop telling yourself, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “Work hard, play hard”! You don’t have to work hard to play hard and you don’t have to be scared of your money! Listen to what you’re feeding yourself and start telling yourself, “I am prosperous” (even if you’re not!). Or “I am having fun without working hard”. Feed yourself positivity! Reread my blog post about living an Yes And life to begin saying, “Yes, And…” to your thoughts.
  2. Stop saying, “I can’t”, “I wish”, or “I don’t” and replace it with “I will”, “I am” or “I am [verb: excited, happy, etc.]”. This goes for both communicating what’s happening inside of your mind to what you’re saying. I’m becoming more and more aware of what I say now.

For example, the other day, my husband was trying to explain to a guy what Toastmaster is (note that my husband only been to one Toastmaster meeting whereas I’m a member and have been going for over a year now), and I said, “Why are you trying to explain it when you never go?!” I quickly realized that I not only put my husband down, but I also did that in front of some guy! How disrespectful! I immediately thought, “What am I feeding my subconscious when I said this? And do I want my future children to hear me say this?” It made me keep my mouth shut and think about what I was saying.

This is what I mean, it’s not about just being prosperous, but it’s your everyday life! Begin noticing how you feed yourself and what shows up in your speech. If you’re negative, it means you’re thoughts are negative (even if it’s about something particular in your life).

  1. Live in the end game. Don’t obsess with the end game, but if you want to go to Bora Bora next summer, start saying it! Start proclaiming it! If you don’t go to Bora Bora next summer, that’s okay! Don’t be attached to the end result, be attached to how you’re communicating to your Crew members.

For example, yesterday, I told my husband, “We’re going to Bora Bora next summer!”

He said, “What if we don’t have the money.” My response? “We’re going to Bora Bora next summer!”

“I thought you were going to put us on a budget?”

“I know, but we can still go to Bora Bora next summer!”

I want to go so I’m proclaiming it!

Even if you don’t receive the results you want, see the results you gained!

Even if I don’t go to Bora Bora next summer, I bet you some money that I will have enough money to go someplace else!

Today, I want to challenge you to live in your end game for the next 30 days. Every day I want you to write down your 2-3 end game results.


This could be:

“I am prosperous.”

“I am excited about going to Bora Bora next summer!”

“Everything I say turns into money.”

Then I want you to SAY IT out loud! Proclaim it and start telling someone else your end result!

Here is the rule: If you forget one day, start over.

The idea here is to proclaim your end result for 30 straight days. I have provided a freebie that will not only help you with your 30 day journaling, but there are check boxes for you to remind you to say it out loud and to proclaim it to someone you know.

This will keep you on track and focus. It will take literally 3 minutes (or less) out of your day and I want you to see the changes that are happening, even if they are small!

After the 30 Days, you will have a chance to write down what changes has occurred. It could be as small as, “I believe I can make $XXXX/month” or “I am more positive!” Then I would like for you to share your win in the comments below or email me at [email protected]

Overcome your limiting belief by allowing yourself to live bigger, better, brighter and more desired future for your life, the life of your family and more!


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