“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“A penny earned is a penny spent.”

“Work hard, play hard.”

“Early bird gets the worm.”

How many of us have grown up with our parents or someone else saying this? What other sayings have you heard during your lifetime?

I am going to translate each phase into what it REALLY means before diving into today’s topic:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” = “There’s never enough money.”

“A penny earned is a penny spent” = “There’s never any money because you keep spending it.”

“Work hard, play hard” = “If you want to play, you have to work really hard for it.”

“Early bird gets the worm” = “If you want anything in life, you have to do it early. Nothing possible after mid-morning!”

These are the meanings behind each and every saying; this is what keeps you and I from playing big – from truly living our lives the way we were meant to live them.

When we think, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, we’re living in a poor mentality and we’re never see real money come our way.

When we say, “A penny earned is a penny spent,” we’re teaching ourselves to be spenders instead of savers and to never have a healthy relationship with our money.

“Work hard, play hard” reminds me to work 50+ hours a week only to play 10-15 hours or if I want to play, I have to bust my butt in order to do so (which sounds utterly soul sucking to me!).

“Early bird gets the worm” tells me that I can’t expect anything to happen if I don’t get it early enough – that there’s never any “starting over”.

How discouraging!

Why do we want to live like this?! Why do we want to continue telling ourselves this, then complain about the lack of money, lack of time off or the lack of life?!

It because we are living within our Limiting Beliefs.

This month is called Mindful May and it’s called that for a reason – this month I am taking a hard look at our mindsets and how we are playing small because we are living small. And on top of that, our parents (God bless them!) taught us to do just this by repeating what their parents taught them! If you heard any of the phases I mentioned up top (with 1000+ more others), and you have repeated them to yourself over and over again, then it’s no wonder we’re not living our dreams or fulfilling our passions!

Our limiting beliefs are what keeping us back and is defining our lives right now! Do you want to play bigger? If so, continue reading. If you just love where you’re at, then stop reading and have a happy life.


Last week, I talked about the Captain and the Crew; where the Captain is you, or your conscious mind, and the Crew is your subconscious mind. The Crew is what runs the ship, whereas the Captain is the one who is telling his/her Crew what to do. When the Captain says, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” the Crew members are going to say, “You’re right, Cap! Let’s not look at our money, develop a budget, or be scared of what’s in our account!” The fact that money doesn’t grow on trees tell our Crew members that there’s a fear around it (there’s not enough or let’s hoard our money). So what’s going to happen? Your Crew is going to steer your ship accordingly. Get the gist?

So how do we break free from these limiting beliefs?

Tune in next week as I will tell you the 3 ways I am finding to help me overcome my own limiting beliefs PLUS a FREE 30 Day challenge to help you break your limiting beliefs and to live the life you truly desire!

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