Welcome, 2018! You know how many people are EXCITED about this year? It’s so encouraging to see people going into a new year with such bright actionable goals full of intention and go-getting attitudes!

Let’s talk your online visibility plan for your business. Is your business getting the attention it deserves? Are people finding you or do you feel as if you are remaining hidden from everyone? Are you tired of not getting traction?

If you don’t have an online visibility plan in place, then how are you going to get seen? Sure, there’s social media, but that is just one way to get seen and in my opinion, isn’t much of a visibility plan if you don’t have a strategy in place for it (you should really have a strategic plan for your social media presence!). 

Remember, you have to go to your audience because your audience doesn’t know who you are or how they need you!

There are many of ways to get seen and become visible with your business online, but what is the best and quickest ways to gain visibility and traction the easiest? There might not be an “easy” way, but there are quicker ways to begin getting a buzz for your business. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to teach you exactly how I’ve gained traction, recognition, and visibility to my name and my business by way of guest blog posting and finding guest spots on podcasts, just to name a few. I have dedicated January as the month of teaching you online visibility strategies for your business! You’ll get all the inside details!

Join me next week as I start off the first of the online visibility strategy blog series with being a guest blogger!

When you get serious about becoming visible, you need to create a plan for it. Sure, you can read how I have been a guest on awesome podcasts (and how you can too) or how I was able to write for a magazine, but if you don’t actively put a plan together, you’re not going to get seen.

Here’s what I am saying: however you love getting in front of people online, make a monthly goal and then set days to make that goal happen. For me, I have it on my calendar to get on a podcast twice a month. That means I have set days aside where I actively seek podcasts that allow guests on their shows. If I don’t put that on my calendar, it may not happen. 

Your visibility plan needs to be intentional and uncomplicated. 

It’s a simple plan with a big impact on both you and your audience. Your audience will get to experience you and it’s just a teaser to what you can really do for them and you get heard, visible and traction in your business!

Come back next week where I’ll kickstart the first visibility topic with how to become a guest blogger!

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