You have taken the time out to write your book and now you have it published! Congratulations! You might be wondering, Now what? You want to continue to sell copies of your book throughout the year, but how do you do that?

I am writing a two-part series all about how you can consistently market your book so you can make sales long after your book has been published. Even though I am giving you twelve different ideas for marketing your book, I am here to say this: just pick a few and start off with that and then incorporate a few more to your life

1. Post on Social Media

This might sound like a no-brainer, but let’s dig a little deeper because I want you to begin thinking about promoting your book in a different way when posting on social media. The first idea is to do exactly that: post on social media about your book and where people can buy it. I also want you to begin thinking about how you can promote your book closer to holidays – like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Celebration and more. Get creative with your book promotional activities and see how you can promote your book that makes sense with the holiday that is coming up.

You can also promote your book as quotes and then post them throughout the month. Perhaps take 12 quotes from your book and post one each week, then repeat them. People love quotes and you have more than enough in your book, so why not use them? You can even create a challenge from your book using quotes or mini lessons that you’ve taught in it and promote it on social media!

Here’s a suggestion: you want to begin putting your book inside of your marketing activities because you are likely to stay committed and on top of it rather than being random about it. 

2. Create a Website for Your Book

Create an entirely different website for your book that will give people the description of your book, an about you section, where you’ve been seen, and where people can buy your boo (like on Amazon or through a PayPal link). This creates the idea that your book is completely separate from your business (even if it relates to your business). 

Below is an interview with website designer, Sam Duncan from The Element of Design, where we talked about why you need a separate website for your book. This was recorded on Facebook Live on Thursday, May 18, and I believe you will find it highly beneficial to your book’s success!

3. Host a Book Launch

You worked hard for your book, so why not celebrate it? Your Book Launch can be as big or as small as you want it to be. This is where you invite family members, friends, or peers to your house, a central location, or someplace else to have the opportunity for people to buy your book and have a great time connecting.

What I did when my book, 30 Day of Devotional for Christian Writers, I put on a small book launch party where five of my friends from church came over to my house and we sat and talked for a few hours.

My suggestion for hosting your book launch party is to look up ideas on Pinterest and Google to find inspiration. Also, you don’t have to have your book launch party the day it comes out, it can be held a month or more afterward.

4. Author Days / Expo

See what your local library has going on for local authors. Are they hosting local author expos or days where you can come in and show off your book? In my local area, I was invited to come to an Author Day where I had a table (rent free) and I could show off my book, alongside 40 other authors. It was a great event, I only sold a few books, but it was nice to meet other local authors and see what they were doing.

You can even go to a craft show to sell your book if they allow you to. I would make sure that your book has something to do with craft shows since my books (devotional and book writing) may not be the best place to showcase my books.

5. Networking

Networking is the best place to either give your book away for free or to sell your book. I always suggest to carry a few copies of your book around so when you begin talking with people, you can let them know you have written a book and give one to them to look it over. See if they ask that famous question that every author likes to hear, “How much is it?”

I have given a few books away for free while networking and have sold a few as well. Now remember, I don’t network as much anymore, but if you’re a heavy networker, then bring your books and see who your next buyer could be.

6. Book Readings / Workshops

Even though it sounds old school, you can have a book reading at your local library, your house, someplace else, or create a speech where you include book reading. My friend, Traci Bogan, wrote a book called The Backpack Diaries and now goes around talking about her experiences and then allow people to buy her book afterward. 

Think about how you could put on a mini workshop with your book and then have a place where you read a few paragraphs from your book to your audience. Then at the end, give them a chance to buy your book to gain even more information. 

Ask friends and family members to host one of these mini-workshops to start your journey, get the kinks out, and then pursue bigger stages if that is something you want to do.

Join me on Tuesday, May 30, for part 2 where I’ll wrap up with even more ideas on how you can sell your book on a consistent basis.

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