Last week, I talked about the first part of this mini-series, which is all about how to market your book for consistent sells. I know many people are worried about not making money on their books and I am here to give you 12 different ideas on how you can make consistent revenue with your book.

In today’s post, we’re wrapping things up with the list of the last six ideas on how to promote your book. Now, remember, just like I said last week, I would suggest to start with just two ideas, try them for a time, and pick up a few more ideas. This can be overwhelming and being in that state is no good to you or anyone else.

  1. Speaking

Since many of you are already coaches, you’re probably speakers as well. When you go to speak, bring a few of your books, have your Square ready to take payment, and mention that your book is for sale at the back of the room.

I’ve done this multiple times and I can usually generate a few sales when I speak. My recommendation is to make one of your books part of your speech so you can end the speech with, “You can learn what I just taught you and more when you read my book ‘Title’. Inside of my book, you’ll learn x, y, and z to take to you a, b, and c.”

Have no shame with promoting your book, my friends!

  1. Have a Contest

Host a contest with your book! This content could be “Win a free copy of my book on Date!” Your opt-in could be the first chapter of your book so people can get a good sense of what it’s about.

This could be a good way to build your email list when you’re trying to get more subscribers and get more email marketing done.

You could even entice people into, “Buy my book and win a FREE 1-hour coaching session with me!” This way, you’re making money! And who knows, maybe all the people who buy your book will actually pay for that one-hour session (but all that person had to do was pay $20 for that session).

  1. Attend a Conference

Attending a conference is much like going networking – you go to conference, bring a few of your books and while you connect with people, let them know you have a book and see if you can make a few sales then.

That is how I brought my friend, Traci Bogan’s book, The Backpack Diaries. We connected and started to talk and the next day, she came up to me and handed me her book. I asked her how much it was and she told me. I gladly paid for it because it felt like she was gifting me with something.

Who knows who you run into at a conference!

  1. Attend a Writing Conference

The idea is the same here as attending a conference, but instead, this could be a conference just for you to go to and learn about marketing, promoting and more on your book.

If you wanted, you could investigate on getting a table at this conference. It might be worth it for you and your business.

  1. Coaching Program

You can run your coaching program off the premises of your book. This is a fantastic idea because when you do this, you can sell your book to potential clients and let them know you have a more in-depth one on one or group coaching that is based on your book.

This can be a door-opening marketing tool for your business as your new readers will see the value of hiring you to be their coach. It lets them know you’re giving your secrets away for $20-$25 bucks, but if they want individualize coaching or more personalized coaching, then joining you will be their best bet to get to where they want to be.

  1. Host a Book Gala

A Book Gala and much more than a book launch as the Book Gala take a lot of work and prep to get it going and moving! A Book Gala is where you invite a ton of people (like 100+) and have people cater the Gala, have sponsors and so much more! It’s an opportunity for people to meet and have a good time while eating and drinking, all to the celebration of your book!

If you want to see a Gala happen in real time and life than I want to invite you to my friend’s Anastasia Button’s Book Gala happening on June 10 in Denver!

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This event will benefit those who wish to attract and leverage Millennial talent or customer loyalty but also those who wish to lead the Millennial and eager generations who will take up 75% of the population by 2025! Come network, learn, eat, drink and have fun among those who Dare Greatly.

10% of proceeds will be donated to SemperFi Fund.

RSVP for June 10th for your spot at this grand event.

So, tell me, what marketing activity are YOU going to do in the comments below? I really like #8! I think I might do that!

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