Now that things are opening back up, how many of you are considering traveling?

If you are like me, then you’re probably traveling for speaking engagements or considering going on a nice family vacation. But you may be wondering what is different this time around? 

Airline travel is changing by the minute, and it can be a difficult thing to understand and find the best ways about it. Not everybody is airline savvy and knows the ins and outs of flying. When you travel, it is meant to be fun and relaxing the moment you exit your house.

Travelling can be stressful, but there are four tips to help make your experience as smooth as possible.

1. Be Prepared

The last thing you want is to be stressed out about your trip right before you leave. Forgetting your passport, driver’s license, or other incredibly essential items can make or break you leaving.

The night before you are expected to leave, try to have everything prepared and packed, so you do not have to be rushed. Double-check or even triple check before leaving!

Make a list if you have to; this is something I do every time I travel. If I can’t pack things the night before (toothbrush, deodorant, etc), then I will make a list and place it where I can easily see it the day of my travels. That way I am sure not to go away without packing my essential items.

Part of being prepared is expecting the unexpected, so try and arrive early for your flight. Traffic and weather can be unpredictable. Waiting around at the airport a little longer is better than waiting around in traffic and missing a flight!

The rule is if you’re flying national, to be there an hour before your flight. However, I would recommend being there between two hours to ninety minutes before just in case the security line is backed up.

2. Keeping Busy

Depending on how long your flight is or if you are traveling with kids, it is a good idea to bring along items that will make the time pass. This can entail downloading music and podcasts, packing your favorite book, or bringing electronic games for the kids.

Look into downloading videos that can be played without the internet. Netflix has this option and I would highly recommend it, especially if it’s a 3+ hour flight!

Everyone can get antsy and hungry from sitting still too long! If you do not want to have to pay for expensive airline snacks, pack some of your food for the journey (make sure it can be brought on board the flight – lookup airline requirements for bringing your own food abroad).

3. Wear Something Comfy

Since you are going to be sitting down for long hours, try and wear something comfortable. It only takes an itchy sweater or tight jeans to make a flight unbearable.

For me, I usually wear leggings, a t-shirt (if it’s warm), a hoodie, and comfortable. I know airplanes can get cold so I prepare with layers.

Once, I wore a pair of green shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops on a flight to Georgia in the summertime and my dad questioned my choice, but I wanted comfort over being pleasing to the eye.

You are not expected to be ready for a five-star restaurant or meeting the president, so relax and do not be afraid to wear your favorite old sweatshirt or hoodie for the flight. Not everyone can fall asleep on a plane ride with jeans and a fitted jacket!

4. Look at Real Estate Where You are Traveling

Don’t hesitate to quickly search up some house or real estate at the location of your destination. This can be a fun piece of research to do before leaving home.

Looking at the houses gives you more of a realistic take on the place you are going and consider going back for future travel!

If you are visiting Charlotte, North Caroline, it does not harm to look at the Charlotte houses for sale. You may enjoy your trip so much you want to stay there long term or go in front of a location to take Instagram worthy pictures at! It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for those types of things. 


Whether you are an avid traveler, or it is your first flying experience, it is acceptable for everyone to look into making traveling easier and exciting.

Following these tips, being safe, and cautious are great ways to increase your airline experience. It never hurts to be over-prepared, especially when it comes to a much-needed vacation or an important business trip.

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