Writing a book has been on your mind lately and you have yet to begin writing it.

That’s okay, but when will you write it?

Will you wait? Because let’s be honest here, where has waiting gotten you?

When you play the waiting game, you’re going to be waiting a long time my friend! That game gives you a lot of grief, regret, procrastination, and excuses.

That is why I want to introduce you to Sheryl Wolowyk, CEO of Expert Elevation, the Income Accelerator Coach, host of ExpertPreneur Radio Show and TV, and founder of ExpertPreneur magazine. Sheryl is a bestselling author, mother, wife, owner of more than one company (including her own), and speaker.

Out of all the impressive accomplishments Sheryl has done over the years, one thing really sticks out to me: she was able to write and publish her own bestselling book in about a 6 month period while running all of her different businesses, managing her teams, speaking, being a mother, and wife! She had every excuse not to write her book, but yet she did!

I interviewed her to discover her secret about how she wrote her book while managing, keeping up, delegating, and running her own business and family. She is truly an inspiration and I know after reading her story, you’re going to begin writing today!

So, how did you find time to write your book while running your business and having your family?

Sheryl: I think you have to have some discipline around scheduling time. It’s kind of like if you don’t book time to go to the gym, you don’t go as regularly so you have to make a commitment to yourself that is non-negotiable and set aside time every week and, if you can, every day. And, if you can get into a routine of it.

Like if you can donate, or set aside an hour each day to do this.  Do it in the morning, if you can be productive in the morning before you get distracted before getting busy and before a million things pour into your day. And, if you can get a schedule where it’s a regular time every morning or every other day and just allocate a fixed amount of time that you get used to writing your book and set a goal of how many pages or how many words you’re going to try to write.

I would say too, don’t try to make it perfect initially when you’re writing. It’s about getting it out; those thoughts and hopefully, you’ve got a good outline and then you can refine later. But the point is to get into a structure around doing work to getting the book done.

Did you ever feel guilty about writing instead of spending time on something else that you felt was more important?

Sheryl: No, because I am a person that I think through my priorities, I am intentional about where I spend my time. Because I own multiple businesses, I have to be quite discerning bout where I spend my time. And it had been a goal of mine to write a book for a long time so by the time I signed up for the program to do it, I was very committed to getting it done.

I had conversations with my family and I said, “Over the next four months I’m going to have this extra responsibility on me so if you guys can be understanding and just pitch in a little bit.  Just know it’s not forever, it’s for a period of time, but mom’s going to have accomplished something that’s important to her. Something that’s forever out there and that’s mine and something that can really help people and it’s important to me.”

So, I think having those discussions with family and my support network so that they were behind it and involved in it too. They were very understanding and they didn’t complain at all. And I really knew that the book could help me with some things and it was important for me to get it done so I didn’t feel guilty about it because it was very planned for.

So when people begin writing their book, how would you suggest them talking with their loved ones about their book writing journey?

Sheryl: Talk to your loved ones about things that are important to them and their goals and understanding. I use it as good teaching thing too.

It’s a good teaching to say to your children when you have big things you want to go after, it’s important to have commitment, it’s important to stay the course, it’s important to have structure and make sure you get it done. It’s important in anything you do, you do it to the best of your ability.

And then I demonstrated it. I was a role model. I showed my commitment, they saw me being committed to a goal. Then they see the outcome, they see that I’m happy. They hear that I get clients because people find out about me, about my book. They share in my excitement when I get book sales.

So, they see the positive benefit of setting a big goal, doing the work and they see the good that comes from doing that work.

But like my husband, I’m not there to teach him those lessons, hopefully, he’s learned them in his life. But it was more like, “Honey, this is important to me and I hope I have your support in this goal and this dream of mine to have a book.” My husband was very supportive and he knew it was important to me and he knows I’m dedicated to the things I commit to so, he was very understanding.

And, it was no problem with my household understanding that mom was busy on this project. And we could celebrate at the end when it was done and be happy that it’s not a forever thing. It’s just a moment in time and worth all the effort.

How has this book affected your business and life?

Sheryl: I’ve definitely gotten clients because I wrote a book. I’ve taken it when I speak and had it on my sponsorship tables when I’m at events. People will come and buy my book, I can follow up with people who buy my book because I know they have an interest in it.

I literally have had people sign up for a high, premium price program. And one of the reasons they say “Well, the reason I chose you is because you’re an author and so, you must know a lot of stuff if you had all these things to put into a book.” So, they hear me at a talk, but the book also gave credibility.

And I think, when you’re an entrepreneur, having things that demonstrate your credibility are important because people can get information anywhere. You know on the internet, but not all the information is from reliable sources. But when you have a published book, it increases their perception of your credibility. And especially if you have a book that hits a best seller, then it’s kind of like social proof that you know what you’re talking about and that you give value.

What would you like to say to people who want to write a book?

Sheryl: If there is any hesitation that people are feeling around writing their book, if this is something you’ve been wanting to do, especially if you’ve wanted to do it for a long time, don’t have the regret of not doing it. Just put a stake in the sand and say “The time is never going be perfect and it’s never going be right.” You have to just say, “I’m making the commitment now so, because of that, now is the right time. I’m going to create some space in my life and I’m going get this done because I don’t want to have the regrets of not getting it done. I want to reach the people I’m meant to reach.”

I know that my impact and reach is further because I wrote a book because it’s just another medium, it’s another platform to reach the people I’m meant to reach. I have a high degree of satisfaction around that.

And a book is a great way to reach them in addition to the other benefits. So I’d say, you know, just go for it, I don’t think you’ll ever regret the time you put it and, it’ll pay off in many ways, some even unexpected ways.

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