Now that you’re writing your blog on a consistent basis and you have a content calendar by your side dictating what you will write about, the next question is where should you be posting your blog? You want to build brand awareness and there are more than one way to do that. But how do you build your brand awareness and save time all at the same time?

When I speak, I always ask my audience, “How many of you have ever said to yourself that you’ll only be on Facebook for 5 minutes and then 15 minutes later, you’ll still scrolling?” Yeah, I don’t want you to get sucked into the Facebook vortex.

So how are you suppose to grow an audience, build brand awareness, share your blog post on social media, and build your own money making business all at the same time? By the end of this blog, you’ll discover which platforms you should be on and how to begin the journey of saving time without losing brand awareness or your authentic message.

First thing first: Let’s talk about where to share your blog posts and then we’ll talk about how to save time and not get sucked into the Facebook vortex.

Where to Share Your Blog

There are many different places to share your newly written blog post to gain attention. As you know, you can use social media. But which one?! There’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instragram, StumbleUpon, Medium, and so much more! How are you suppose to choose which one you want to be on?!

Here is my first suggestion: You cannot do them all, so pick the ones you enjoy being on the most.

If you love being on Twitter and love getting sucked into the Twitter vortex, then share to your heart content on Twitter! But if you despise LinkedIn and hate being on there, don’t post on there! This is the way I look at it: if you enjoy and love being on a particular social media platform, then you’re going to enjoy it even more as you begin posting your blog onto it. If you never go onto LinkedIn, then don’t post on there.

My second suggestion: Only pick a few to be on for the time being.

Many people want to begin posting on ALL the social media platforms and quickly burn out because they find that it is sucking their soul dry and they cannot keep up with all the notifications that are happening. I would suggest to pick three platforms at first and then move up to more if you wished.

For example, right now, I am on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I want to pull back from LinkedIn and either begin using Instagram or Pinterest (I’m leaning more to Pinterest right now). I find LinkedIn dull and very boring and so I don’t enjoying checking my LinkedIn or even going on there. Now I enjoy Twitter and Facebook, so I don’t mind going on there and checking, responding and updating anything I need to update.

I love Pinterest so I am wanting to make more of a presence on there, and that is one of my 2017 goals.

Okay, now that you have a handle on where to share your blog, how do you save time with them all? You could literally spend all day just on one social media platform and I know you don’t have time for that! What are you suppose to do? Here’s the answer:

Automate Your Social Media Posts

Automation is a beautiful thing that has happened in our world and it’s one of the tools I use in my business to ensure brand awareness without sacrificing hours of my time. Automating your social media will be the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for.

So what is automation? While there are many different definitions, I am going to share my own definition: Automation is the process to schedule your social media posts out into the future so you can work your business, go out and speak, and still be present on social media because you’ve already created the content for it.

Where can you find this life saving tool? Here are some favorites from others and myself: Hootsuite, PostPlanner, MeetEdgar, and Coschedule. 

These tools can be free or paid for. I personally use Hootsuite which is free for up to three social media platforms. PostPlanner and Coschedule are paid options, but you can experience a 14 day trial to see if you love it or hate it.

Every week, I sit down and create my entire week’s worth of content and that generally takes one hour to schedule my posts into Hootsuite. I already have a system for how I work my content, but this has save me time and energy (and has saved my business I am sure!) while I build my business and brand, all at the same time.

So, which platform are you going to use this week to share your blog post? And which automation tool are you going to use? Share in the comments below!

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