Have you ever started a brand new year thinking, “I am going to accomplish so much!” You spend time planning and creating goals in your planner or on a big calendar. But then June rolls around and you realize, with horror, that you haven’t gotten much done? 

Haven’t we done this in business? Haven’t we all set out to do something only to realize within three to six months, we haven’t accomplished what we set out to do?

What would fix this problem? I mean, we are up to BIG stuff here, so why isn’t the sh*t getting done?

One reason I believe sh*t isn’t getting done and we’re not making the income or the reach we want (year after year sometimes), is because we forget that while setting goals is great, we forget that we need to put in action steps to help us reach that goal.

Last week, I mentioned how important it is to get crystal clear on your goals for your blog and then breakdown every single goal to put serious action behind it.

I would challenge you to go back and reread it because this blog post is going to take your goals to a new level, and that is setting up realistic and attainable milestones that will help you get to your main goal(s) quicker, even if you feel its baby blog milestones.

Setting Up Blog Milestones

After establishing your blog’s goals, it’s time that you give these goals measurements in order to see if you are on track or not. These are called milestones.

Milestones are measurements that you want to see after a given time frame. This could be a month, 60 days, 90 days, and even 6 months. You get to pick what your milestone is going to look like. 

My advice to you is to keep your milestones between 30-60 days. This allows you enough time to put your goals into action and track what is working and what is not working. 

For example, say your milestone is to have 500 email subscribers by November 1. Your breakdown of this goal is as follows:

– All freebies will have 3 pins by August 1

– Have the best Freebie on my website home page, about me page, and popular blogs

– Publish through Pinterest  

It’s almost July, so for this example, let’s create milestones based on this coming month:

Milestone 1: I will have 3 pins by August 1 and I will have gained 50 more subscribers by August 1.

Milestone 2: I will have 250 total subscribers by September 15 (one freebie will be on my home page, about me page and popular blog by this time as well)

Milestone 3: By November 1, I will have 500 email subscribers.

Now you’ll just put this all into action. That may be through publishing your popular freebies on Pinterest, giving away your popular freebie through speaking engagements, or joining a virtual summit. I would recommend you set this inside your milestone too. 

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Tracking Your Milestones

Now it’s time to make sure you’re on track. Sometimes you will be on track and other times you will not be on track.

Do you see how milestones will reflect what is really happening? If you reach Milestone 2 and you only have 169 email subscribers, it means you may want to reconsider your email marketing strategy and seeing if your content upgrades from your blog are what your audience wants.

Sometimes it’s just a traffic game. Perhaps you’re not getting enough traffic to your blog that leads people to your content upgrade. It may be readjusting how you get your content upgrades to people.

If you are not meeting your milestones, then consider the following questions:

Am I not hitting my milestones because I’m not giving enough time?

Is my copy not converting the way I want?

Is what I am writing and offering to people really what they want?

These are tough questions to ask yourself and it’s hard to look at your measurements to see that you’re not quite fulfilling on them. I want to let you know that is this OK! It means something needs tweaking, so give time in your schedule to see what needs attention and work on it.

But if you have 270 email subscribers by Milestone #2, then you can either continue working your original milestone or set your goal higher and push yourself to have 700 email subscribers by November 1!

This is a great time to reflect and ask yourself questions like,

What is working?

What is converting the best?

How can I improve on this even more?

This could mean reposting a blog article that is getting tons of views on Pinterest onto your social media and asking peers to repost your blog to their audience. It may mean adding an advertisement on your website about your blog or content upgrade. Whatever is working, continue to do that!

Your Milestones

It’s your turn to create your blog’s milestones! Now, remember to be committed to your blog’s goals, not the outcome! It’s so easy to get attached to the outcome that we tend to lose motivation and beat ourselves up.

Let’s not do that this time, but rather be committed to making our blog goals happen by being SMART about them and setting up realistic and attainable milestones so we can easily put our goals into action!

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