Many bloggers have lofty plans for their blog (as they should), and for you, you might be thinking that you’re going to reach millions and impact thousands of lives! While that can happen (and I am sure it will because you are brilliant), you need to set some goals in place now so you can make it a reality.

Why do we need to have goals for our blog? The Side Blogger said it nicely this way:

“Without goals, you have nothing to measure your growth against. Also, without goals, you’ll lose your motivation. Whether it’s blogging or anything else you wish to do in life, goals are important. Goals help you create schedules, schedules help you become disciplined. So set some concrete goals, goals that you feel will motivate you, but are also within reason.” – The Side Blogger

That’s why we set goals for our business, our lives, and anything else we’re out to accomplish. Without goals and seeing what they are, then breaking them down further, we cannot see what really is happening. We need to have goals for our blog if we want to have a clear understanding on how we are making an impact in the world.

AND this is important if we want to use our blog to make MONEY! No measurements, no success!

Step 1: Set up Goals

The first thing we need to set is to set Goals to our blog. These goals that you have in mind is going to take work, dedication, and commitment.

I know you have this and you got what it takes. But if you don’t plan, then there’s either little commitment or it dies a slow painful death because it quickly becomes overwhelming or it loses momentum soon after you start.

It’s all about writing down your goals and then creating an action plan to achieve them!

Here are some examples of setting goals for your blog:

Have 500 email subscribers by November 1

Have 10,000 impressions on Pinterest by November 1

Have $150/month in passive income from my Pins going directly to my paid workbook

Join 5 Pinterest Groups by July 1

Create Pins for all Freebies by August 1

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Step 2: Break it Down

Now that you have created goals for your blog, it’s time to define HOW you are going to achieve these goals by writing down what you’ll do to get the results you want.

If you wrote down, “I want 500 subscribers from my blog within 4 months from today” (write that date down BTW!), then you need to ask yourself, “How am I going to get these subscribers to my blog? Where am I going to post my opt-in so people can subscribe?”

These are serious questions to ask yourself. If you wrote down 5 goals for your blog, then you need to brainstorm how you’re going to make all of these goals happen within a certain time frame. And how much time commitment it will take to make it happen.

You need to break down your goals into tiny steps like this:

Goal 1: Have 500 email subscribers by November 1

– All freebies will have 3 pins by August 1

– Have the best Freebie on my website home page, about me page, and popular blogs

– Publish through Pinterest  

Goal 2: Have 10,000 impressions and 500 Followers on Pinterest within 5 months

– Create 3 Pins per Blog Post

– Pin daily using Tailwind

– Use SEO words for Pinterest and Tailwind

– Post weekly on boards through Pinterest

I would suggest that each goal should have between 3-5 steps to achieve them that are all in line with where you want your business to go towards. If you want to be an online business, then you know building your email list and creating core content is going to drive traffic and money your way. Thus your blog goals and breakdown of the goals should reflect this.

Step 3: Be SMART about your goals

I know when I start to write down my goals, I think I can do it all right now! Then I get burned out or get busy and I don’t make meet my goals. Remember to use the SMART Goal system when creating your blog goals and giving yourself REALISTIC time frames: 

S – Specific (create a specific goal: Have 500 email subscribers in six months)

M – Measurable (keep your goals measurable so that you can physically see with your two eyes what you have accomplished within a time frame. The time frame can be six months, 90 days, etc.)

A – Actionable (this is where your blog strategy comes into play: you create actionable steps to reach your goal)

R – Realistic (ensure this time frame and action steps are realistic to you and your business. It’s easy to set unrealistic steps and time frames. Remember, you can always come back to your goal and readjust if you’re finding yourself getting behind)

T – Timebound (is the time limit you gave yourself workable? If not, readjust and continue to move forward. Give time to learn new concepts or things!

Step 4: Be in Action

Step four is the HARDEST part because you have to be in action! If you don’t take action, there are no results! Set time aside weekly or bi-weekly to work on your goals. 

Something I have done is created a weekly action plan that lets me see what I want to accomplish every week and I set aside time to get each action step done by the end of the week. I have an accountability partner that keeps me in check as we check in with one another every Sunday evening.

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