How many of you struggle to speak your truth?

Social media is a war zone right now and as the election draws nearer, it’s going to become even more difficult to not only say what you want but to cringe if you will eventually get attacked or not.

I know many of you fear putting your truth out there because of the potential attacks, the rejection, what others will think about you, or having the feeling of being isolated or alone.

I get it – I was afraid to speak my truth until I distinguished that there are a few elements that we need to consider when we are wanting to speak up. Since discovering this distinction, it has helped me to not only speak up more but not care about the perceived attacks.

The reason I am sharing this is that the world NEEDS to hear your truth. People are looking for leaders to step out into their truth and speak it in a way they never heard before.

And I believe that leader is YOU. 

How can you be the best leader while sharing your truth? Here’s how:

Your Truth is NOT Your Opinion

One way to distinguish a truth is when you speak, you are speaking from a place of, “I’m rising to the occasion; I’m rising to be better; I’m rising to share a transformation; I’m rising to transform you and myself. I’m rising because I want you to rise with me. I’m speaking from a place of ‘I’m not alone’ and ‘I want to be witnessed.’”

When you speak your truth, you’re not speaking to change anyone’s opinions or make others believe a certain way (your way). 

I believe when you speak your truth in love, you’re asking others to show up to be their greatest and highest self. 

Opinions do not come from a place of love. They don’t come from a place of “Let’s rise together.” 

It’s not coming from a place of spirit. And when I say spirit, I mean the place that is calling us to be our better selves.

Next time you’re uncertain if what you’re going to say is truth or not, look to see where it’s coming from: a place of love or a place of pride. You’ll know whether it’s a truth or opinion then. 

Your Truth does not always Equate Kindness

What I have found is that your truth is going to make you scared to say it because you’re scared of saying the wrong thing, experience rejection, or it may hurt other people. 

Truth does not equate to kindness. Wanting to be kind can be a form of pleasing people. 

When you’re kind, it can actually silence you because you’re fearful of what others will think or say if you did speak your truth.

But your truth isn’t there to please someone. It’s there to shine the light on the darkness so that you can give your audience a helping hand to rise to their best self.

When you speak in love, no one will hear cruelty in your words – only that you care about them so much, that you’re willing to speak into their heart with honesty.

When you’re kind, you’re enabling and justifying where they are at. That’s not serving them or you. 

This is why speaking your truth can be hard because we know speaking our truth may be hard for other people to hear. When they do not hear us, these people may jump on us, and all they are showing is their own insecurities. If you get these naysayers, it simply means they are not at a place to receive your truth right now and that’s okay.

Your Truth Equals True Leadership

When you’re ready to speak your truth, ensure that you’re coming from a place of love, honoring people’s journeys, and a place of spirit. Your truth will transform the world, one human being at a time. What you have to say matters and someone is needing to hear your truth and message NOW.

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You get to stand in your truth called confidence, love, and leadership. When you start speaking your truth unabashedly, people are going to take notice and that is when their lives are going to change. 

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You’re bright, bold, and beautiful. Let’s start this and finish 2020 strong, courageous, and transformative lives.

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