Content is the name of the game.

Relationship building is a part of that, too.

That is why many of you have opened up Facebook Groups, to gain a new audience and get more clients.

But if you don’t know how to move a person through a client journey or even what to post besides those daily posts, then you’re in the right place.

I interviewed Suzanne within The 6-Figure Momma Facebook Group community where it’s geared to help entrepreneurs women who are raising children scale their businesses to 6-Figures while having a safe place to be themselves, as both mom and businesswoman.

She’s going to share with you how to create content that considers where your client is in their journey and how to maximize your Facebook group to turn members into paying clients!

If you would like the see the full recording of this interview, you can click here to watch it on YouTube. 

I want to introduce Suzanne Dayton is a Virtual Executive Assistant, and the owner of Level Up Company. She helps elevate business owners to the next level by becoming a true partner in business by strategically contributing to productivity at all levels, so her clients can make more money!

Her expertise is helping her clients take a strategic look at their client’s journey, then creating content to reach their goals and help them move forward with their marketing and messaging efforts.

So can you tell us about like the mom side of life?

I’m a mom to a three-year-old and a six-year-old which is exhausting, which is why I don’t have eye makeup on right now.

But that’s okay, right? I’m just showing up.

And so that is mom life, right?

My three-year-old will be four in June and so I feel like we’re inching closer to some sort of, “normal life”, if that even exists when you have kids.

Mom life and business life is fun and challenging all at the same time.

It’s really nice to be able to, as I’m sure the moms can relate here, like flex our schedules and make our schedules what we need them to be so that we can be present with our kids and our families.

But at the same time, we always have business on the brain so it’s really always a balance of making sure that I’m being a mom, but I’m also tending to my business and not letting one overcome the other. It’s constantly something I’m working on.

Who do you work with primarily?

I primarily work with female entrepreneurs but to niche even further, usually, coaches are kind of my market.

I do have clients that are not coaches but I really love working with Life Coaches, Career Coaches, Business Coaches.

I don’t know why but their message just resonates with me so well, and easily that the content creation and kind of taking that up a level just comes naturally and easy.

It’s weird because when I’m [writing] their content, I’m getting coached myself because I’m all into their brain and listening to every kind of podcast or blog they wrote or whatever video they have out there, so that’s a lot of fun.

I really love to just help coaches kind of accelerate and scale to that next level.

You help them with the marketing and content strategy is what I’m hearing?

Content strategy, content creation and execution, and then some administrative tasks too like onboarding/offboarding clients. But mainly it’s in that marketing realm.

Let’s talk about using content strategically. What are some common mistakes you are seeing entrepreneurs making?

You mentioned it when we started being in too many places.

A lot of times when I onboard a client we’ll have a strategy session, and we’ll talk about all of the places they are, and all of the places their traffic is actually coming from.

And we’ll look at them in two separate columns. We’ll first start with everywhere they are and usually, it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Clubhouse now, and they’re trying to optimize every one of those areas right.

Then they’re also trying to do guest blogging and guest podcasts and then their own blog and all these other places.

We look at [how many] clients you have and the traffic that you’ve landed or the consult that you’ve landed, where have they actually come from?

A lot of times they come from one main stream, or maybe two which is usually like one of your their social media platforms, and then a Power Partnership, is what I call it, but it’s like a referral base basically.

So most of the time it’s the network and the relationships we build that bring us clients, and we build those relationships through our social media, or our guest podcasting or blogging or whatever that might be.

I just see the entrepreneurs that I work with, trying to be too many places, and then not really ever evaluating what’s actually working for them.

I see that you have taken some time to draw a nice diagram in the background. Let’s talk about that.

Yeah, so these are two examples I like to use and most people can relate to them.

Watch the video by clicking here to see Suzanne’s diagram.

The first [diagram] I wrote in blue is the client comes into your Facebook group, and then they go into a one on one call with you and then they go into maybe a group mastermind or group coaching program.

At each step in this client journey, that the client is experiencing something different, they need something different and the call to action for them should be something different.

When you are trying to get people into your Facebook group, it’s the first time they’ve ever heard about you, [perhaps] they saw you leave a comment, or they saw you Guest Live or something somewhere, your call to action is always going to be your free Facebook group.

That’s because that’s where you nurture them. And it’s not overwhelming and it’s not a huge obstacle.

They can just go in there and they can get what they need and see if the relationship that you’re trying to create with them is right for them as well.

A lot of times in our Facebook group, we’ll be talking about all of the offers that we have, and our clients aren’t really ready for our group program or group mastermind, they’re still trying to figure out how do they get to the next day.

In the group, you want to be getting a ton of value, like you do here in this group, and then you want to be offering just the consult in every post, you want to say, “Get on a call with me. Let’s just talk, so that we can figure out how to move you forward.”

Every client is different but usually after a couple of months of being in your group, and engaging back and forth, then they will look at that one on one console with you, and then they’ll go into your one on one program if that’s what you have on the coaching program.

[In the meanwhile], in all of your email marketing, you have to communicate with your one on ones, that’s where you want to be talking about your group mastermind.

[You want to say], “Okay, now here’s the next step in our journey together in your evolution and your growth as a business owner.”

Your people in your Facebook group might barely even be aware that you have a mastermind, and that’s okay because they’re not at that step in their journey yet.

And I think we got nervous that we’re not talking about our mastermind enough, and all these freebies we have, but really what we do is we confuse our audience when we do that. What we really want to do is be really, really clear on, “I can help you. This is how at this stage.”

How can people use their Facebook group strategically to move members into becoming paying clients?

What we do with a lot of my clients is, when we make sure that the posts that you’re posting are really value-based so they give your potential client something tangible to understand and even try in their business for free.

Giving a ton of value to your group is what is going to help attract people to you.

There’s a journal exercise that I like to do at each point in this client journey called a Before and After exercise. And I’m not going to claim it, I got it from my coach.

It’s so brilliant because what you do is you think about clients in your group, and then you journal about where they are before they worked with you in their group, and where they will be after they experienced the transformations and the value that you’re offering in their group.

Then you use that journal entry, that content, to create posts in your group that speak directly to that person and where they are and where they want to be.

You’ve been in their mindset, and you’re offering that in your group.

Once you do that, we also do a ton of videos so why is it like this, even if you have zero to one person shows up, it doesn’t matter because people rewatch that content, and then as your group grows, they’re going to go back and watch that content.

Just think about the value you’re putting out for your clients and the people that need you. We do a lot of videos, we offer free coaching.

I service a lot of coaches so free coaching in their Facebook groups is big, always having a backup topic to talk about in the case nobody shows up for free coaching, which if it happens, it’s totally fine.

There’s no problem with that, and giving people those tangible things to work on, and then offering free workshops once a quarter.

At the end of every single post, every single video, every single workshop, the call to action is to message them or to get on a call to talk and go to that next step.

A lot of the times, my clients will see their paying clients come out of those free coaching sessions, they’re really powerful, and they will see, because the person has now experienced a relationship with you, and they’ve felt some change, they’ve seen some change.

They know that to get to the next step, they can’t do it by themselves and they don’t have to. And so now they’ll kind of make that step into a paying client.

Where can we find you, and is there anything that is going on in your business that you will have to promote?

So you got you can find me at, or email me [email protected].

And right now I don’t have any specific events or anything coming up, but I am looking to expand starting this summer so if you’re watching this now or at any time, definitely send me an email or note.

I put my podcast out every week, which is on my website, so you can listen there where I just like to give a ton of value and tips every week and do guests.

Like Monica was on the other week so definitely check it out and follow me there.

If you are ready to start scaling your business or you just need more time so that you can focus on actually serving your clients or getting more clients, then I would love to help you.

I can take social media off your plate, and help you not just do that but uplevel it so that you can start to scale and focus on where you need to be focusing.

Thank you so much for having me today.

I encourage you to watch the full interview where Suzane went into more depth into writing convertible and magnetic content for any of your platforms – from your free Facebook Group to Clubhouse.

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