How many of you want to write a book?

Research has shown that 81% of Americans want to write a book, but they never do. I believe the research on the conversions of people who end up writing a book is something like 3% (cannot find data but I feel like I read this somewhere one time).

Then why do so many people want to write a book?

Perhaps its fame, having a legacy, gaining more higher ended clients, get in front of more people, building a business, become popular, etc., etc.

Why do people NOT write their books then?

Fear of rejection, judgment, “lack” of time, resources, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and countless other reasons as to why people won’t write their book. That is why I am dedicating both March and April to helping you be part of the 3% so you can write and finish your book!

But perhaps you’re wondering where to start? Well, one way you can start is by turning your blogs into a book. If you’re blogging on a regular basis, then you have more than enough content to create a book. Today’s post is going to cover how to take your blog and turn it into a book using three different techniques that you can begin using today.

Technique 1: Look for common themes

This is probably the easiest way to turn your blog into a book. If you have NO CLUE on what to write about, then go back through your blog posts and see if there are a common theme present.

What do you talk most about? What are some things you mention over and over again? Have you ever done a series of blogs about a topic?

These blogs can be taken and expounded upon to make longer chapters or you can combine several blogs to make one chapter.

Technique 2: Define your passion

What is your passion? What is it that lights you up and make you spark? And do you talk about your passion in your blogs?

If you do (which you’re doing anyway), then find all the blogs that have given you the most benefit (whether that’s in comments or the way you felt as you wrote the blog post), and copy the posts into a document for your book.

Just like before, you want to ensure that your book has a flow to it, so you might want to consider expounding on the topic further or combining a few posts to make a chapter.

Technique 3: Theme your book

This is very similar to Technique 1, but instead, you’re working backward. If you already know what you’re book is going to be about, then all you need to have is a topic or theme in mind. You would then use that topic or theme and browse through your blogs. Pull them from your blog and place them into your book.

If you’re wondering if using blog content will ruin your credibility as a writer or would be frown upon, you need not worry. Not everyone has read your blogs and even your tribe don’t read every blog post. Using your blog posts as a means to create content for your book is working smarter and not harder by repurposing the content you’ve already created.

Before I leave you today, I know a few things about you right now: You haven’t written your book, but you want to. You find yourself getting busier with your business, but you know this book needs to happen to move you further into your business, speaking and credibility.

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Yes, I want to make it The Write Time for my Book!

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