Is it April already?! The first quarter has already FLOWN by! I cannot believe how fast 2016 is going! Since it’s spring time (yay!), this month’s theme is all about Spring Yourself Forward! Let’s use this month to learn more about how you can spring yourself forward by learning and experimenting with new ideas to make the second quarter rock for you and your small business!

Periscope is sweeping the nation with its easy to use Live Broadcasting system that anybody can use to record their life or event or share a piece of information. This is a great way to become exposed to your ideal client or audience as well as a way to build your tribe, community, and bank. I have read stories of how people have used Periscope to build their income and increase their credibility. It’s a no brainer when you’re starting out and trying to gain a footing in this world of technology.

I first heard about Periscope from my friend Monique. Monique is the photographer behind her company, Silver Paws Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado. She goes around to animal shelters and photographs  cats and dogs to showcase their personalities to new owners (what a awesome job!). She also photographs pet portraits for already pet owners too! So no more awkward dog or blurry cat photos! Seriously, go and check out the adorable animals Monique has photographed!

As I was saying, Monique introduced me to Periscope. Because of Periscope, Monique is now on a tribe called the Pet Lover’s Tribe where she, amongst other pet lovers (whose community is already built), can record videos about animals, techniques, expertise, and much more! Monique has built her presence, expertise and credibility using this one simple tool! She has created friends, a fan base and potential clients using Periscope.

I am getting into Periscope more and hope to start a challenge in the next coming months to grow my own presence, credibility and authority on it. I also knew for this blog post, I had to talk to Monique and gain insight from her.

Me: Tell me how you got into Periscope:

Monique: On a whim I started on Periscope in August 2015. My original thought was to feature adoptable dogs at Animal House Rescue and Grooming where I volunteer every week. From there my broadcasts have evolved into showing my life and pets, photography tips, joining the #PetLoversTribe and becoming a founding board member of @ThePetScopeTV.
Me: What is Periscope?


Monique: Periscope is a live streaming broadcast app for mobile devices.

Me: Why should you use Periscope?

Monique: I use Periscope to connect to a worldwide community. People from California to Alaska to Australia watch and interact in my broadcasts. When traveling, I meet people in person and have an instant connection since live streaming is live and authentic.  

Me: What are the best times to Periscope?

Monique: Best times to Periscope depend on your audience, as with any social media. There are experts who suggest lunch and dinner times for USA EST but poll your audience. It helps to have at least one scheduled show a week that people can look forward to and add to their calendar.

Me: What are three easy tips you can give people to begin using Periscope today?

Monique: Three Tips to begin using Periscope today would be :

1. If you are a business or want to support other Periscopers make a Twitter account. Periscope is owned by Twitter and is used to promote your live and replay broadcasts.
2. Find like-minded people and tribes. Get a feel for watching and interacting in broadcasts. I am part of the #PetLoversTribe and we have a Facebook group for support and a place to post links to our replays.
3. Press the Broadcast button! Don’t overthink your shows, start with small 3 minutes intros to who you are. I suggest NOT having location turned on for your first few broadcasts so you are not overwhelmed.

Me: What is a challenge you would like to give to the audience for the month?

Monique: My challenge would be to join Periscope and do your first broadcast!

As additional help in coming up with topics or what to even say while you’re Periscoping (so you won’t be saying “um” one million times), check out Zack Spuckler’s free PDF on how outline what you’re going to say on Periscope (I use it and it helps me stay focus and on track with my thoughts!) that you can download here (scroll down to the yellow box). If you want to learn how to turn your audience to your clients, then read Zack’s blog here.
I hope that you will take advantage of what Monique has to say and join her on Periscope! Monique is so amazing and nice, you’ll love her! Don’t forget to check her website out and contact her when you’re ready to take your yearly fur baby (or babies) pictures!
You can also join me every Friday to learn about writing and visibility tricks by looking me up on Periscope at @MonicaWrites. Join me next week to learn how to Spring Yourself Forward in Fashion!

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