How to spend 10 minutes on Pinterest.

Post 5 images on Pinterest daily.

How many of you can’t even remember to check your email on a daily basis?!

If you are wanting to level up your Pinterest game, then you need to invest in Tailwind. Do you know how you have social media schedulers that will schedule and post your posts when you’re not there? That is what Tailwind is.

Last week, I wrote about my experience with Pinterest and how I am learning how to make the most out of it. Now I want to share with you about Tailwind as that has gotten me from a few organic hundred monthly views to over 10K monthly views in less than three months.

Today, I am breaking this blog into two parts: the first part is answering your Tailwind questions. The second part is what I am learning with Tailwind. 

What is Tailwind app?

Tailwind, in short, is a scheduler app for Pinterest. It schedules your pins out onto Pinterest at the times that your people are on Pinterest the most.

Why use Tailwind?

If you love to spend time on Pinterest daily posting pictures, you can. But I know I would forget and wouldn’t be consistent with it. Tailwind helps me be more consistent and grow my views and followers without me doing anything extra in my day.

What is Tailwind Smartloop?

Ah, Tailwind Smartloop is where they will take boards you want to circulate all the time on a loop so they will always be in your feed. 

If you wrote a powerful blog, then why not loop it into your posting feed for it to go out every now and then? Instead of continually adding it to a board, you can just loop it and be done!

This is excellent if you have content upgrades you want people to sign up for or if you are in the middle of a launch period. Smartloops can be paused at any time, which is nice when you want to pause after your launch has ended.

What are Tailwind Tribes?

Tribes are best described as groups where other like-minded people who are all posting similar content as you are. Much like a Pinterest Group, you can post onto the Tribe in hopes others will share your content onto their own Pinterest boards.

I have gotten some high conversions with Tribes as far as getting my content seen. Tailwind will tell you how on “fire” your Pin in and you can get an idea of how well your Pin is doing in regards to people seeing it and repinning it.

There are rules for Tribes and most are if you Pin one of your Pins onto the group, you have to repin one of the members content onto your own Pinterest. I am okay with this and make it a point to repin Tribes’ content as much as possible onto my Tailwind feed. 

Tailwind gives you up to five Tribes to be in. Right now, I am in three Tribes.

What does Tailwind cost?

Tailwind costs $15/month, but when I brought a year subscription, it came out to be over $100 with a $15 credit. 

Click here to get started with a FREE month! And yes, I get a free month too 😉 

What are you learning in Tailwind?

I feel like I am so in the trenches of Tailwind, I’m not really sure how to answer this question! So I will break it down into sections for you to discover what I am learning for myself.

How do I like Tailwind?

I do like Tailwind as it gives me free courses to up my Pinterest game and to use it to the maximum so I can get most out of my buck. I have taken the Pinterest course, but not much else since starting Tailwind. I should probably utilize that resource more.

I like how I can schedule my Pins so easily. I usually create at least 2-3 Pins for the same blog and I can easily upload them into Tailwind, attach the link and then write my description of the Pin and then hit “Add to Queue”. Easy, right?

Next, I go into my Tribes and repin a few from them and then I go into the Pinterest Groups I am a part of and do the same there. By the time I log off, I have scheduled over a week’s worth of Pins onto my feed that I don’t have to worry about posting on the daily. Plus, Tailwind picks the best time to show my Pins to my followers!

What is a Pin Inspector?

The Pin Inspector gives me an idea of how well my Pins are doing as far as being repinned. I am still not at high numbers, which means either my content is off, my picture isn’t “great” or my title isn’t capturing enough attention. I’m still working on this.

Profile Performance: How well am I doing?

Well, I keep getting followers, so that’s a good sign, isn’t it? The Profile Performance tracks how well my profile is converting. The numbers aren’t bad, but would I like those numbers to be higher? Yes, yes I would.

So, what’s an Engagement Score and why should I care?

Here is what an Engagement Score is and why it matters:

Yeah, I need some work around the Engagement Score.

So what are you going to do about that?

The first thing I need to do is consider if my pictures are converting well enough. With Pinterest, there’s a variety of factors at play:

  1. Graphics
  2. Titles on graphics
  3. Keywords
  4. Hashtags
  5. Volume

In order to determine what is working and what is not, I need to pick one area and work on that. For me right now, it would be the keywords or title. Since my strong suit is not keywords, it could be that my Pins are not getting enough traffic to be repinned. Or it could be my titles are not captivating enough so it’s not being inspired to repin.

Perhaps I don’t have enough followers to repin all the materials I post. That could be another factor at play. I won’t know until I have a hard look and decide what action I am going to take.

Is Tailwind worth it?

If you want to get started with Pinterest, then yes. It’s a no-brainer. You need Tailwind to save you time and energy. I would highly recommend it despite the learning curve I am experiencing with it. But anything in business is like that.

So why wait to get Tailwind? Click here to get started with Tailwind for one month FREE! And yes, I get a free month too 😉 

Leave me a comment below or on my Facebook Page when you are going to start using Tailwind for Pinterest! I want to know!

If you are using Tailwind, then what is one thing you have learned to help overcome the learning curve of it?

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