Once you have discovered the hype of the incredible opt-in, now it’s time to learn what does an opt-in look like and how you can easily create one yourself to begin building your own email list. This month is called Opt-In August, where I will be teaching you how to effectively use an opt-in and how to be successful when you create one.

What should be in an opt-in anyway?

Value, value, value! Your opt-in should be solving your audience problems, pronto! Now this doesn’t mean to hand out your hard core information, this should be the taster to your genius. You’re solving a problem for right now, but not forever. Your genius is the forever problem solver, but your opt-in is your immediate gratification problem solver that only get a person one day, one week, or one month further than what they are already at right now.

When you’re creating an opt-in, think of your audience. What problem do they want solve right now to give them peace of mind, more time, more energy, more love, or more passion? What problem can you help them solve to be less stress, less angry, less time consumption going on, or in less chronic pain?

Have your audience in mind when you’re creating something to help them improve their life by 1% or 2%. That is the goal. Because the other 98-99% is your audience working with you.

What are the variety of opt-ins can I have?

I am going to provide a list of the opt-ins you can have to give on your blog, website, free gift at a speech, on a podcast or wherever else you feel is necessary to produce a free gift (these can be paid, but we’ll talk more about that later this month). We call these freebies and they can include, but not limited to, the list below:


Audio downloads

Backgrounds (pictures or visuals)



Discount codes


eCourses (free or paid)

Free chapter/content

Free stock photos (if you’re a photographer)





Membership sites


Printables (PDFs)


Survey (with free prize at the end)

Trial offer


Video series



How long should an opt-in be?

Opt-ins can be any length, there’s no right or wrong way for an opt-in. I usually try to stick with 1-4 pages for a printable (Mind Map is one page), but for an eBook, it can be any length (I have them from 17-30 pages).

Where can I create my opt-in?

If you have been brainstorming what your opt-in should be, then where should you create it at? I have created my one sheets on Canva as I love the graphic design and the possibilities I can have with Canva. But I also like using other mediums to produce different freebies, such as Beacon for creating eBooks.

You can create an eBook, one sheet, worksheet, and more on Word and then turn into a PDF.

Running a survey? Create the survey through SurveyMonkey and give the link to your subscribers.

Audio downloads can be done with Zoom or your computer, where you can record yourself and then plug the audio file onto an email (this needs to be of value with even a call to action at the end).

Video series can be ran on your phone or computer where you can either embed the video into the email campaign or send your audience to a private link to your YouTube channel to watch it.

Use Dropbox for downloadables too if you cannot figure out how to put a download into your email campaign.

These are just a few ideas to getting started to creating your first or tenth opt-in!

What should be on your opt-in?

I want to say this because it’s VITAL to you and your business! ALWAYS, always put your logo, email, website address and business name on your freebies! If you’re doing a video or audio series, then say it at the beginning and end of your video or audio. This is called getting your brand out and teaching your audience to begin recognizing your brand by your logo and website.

You want your audience to go back to your website and download more free stuff or even learn how to work with you, right? Then never ever go without attaching your business logo and website onto everything.

Where on you site should your opt-in be on?

Pick one opt-in that your ideal audience would want ASAP. I have chosen my Complete Guide to Begin Blogging as my opt-in for my website. I have placed it on my home page, about me page and service page. I also have it in several of my blogs to encourage more opt-in rates.

I will be leading people back to my free gift when I give speeches, get on podcasts, guest blog posting, and on social media. I will spread my opt-in like wildfire! Like I said, pick one opt-in that will solve your audience problem now, but if they want more hands on, then they can always contact you.

That’s it as far as what your opt-in can be like, how to create your very own opt-in and where it should be for maximum exposure. Is there another opt-in type that I didn’t mention that you have used? What other verbiage do you always add onto your freebie to teach your audience to lookout for your brand? Share in the comments below!




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