Have you ever wondered if all of this talk of creating a content calendar, having a blog and posting social media actually work? Maybe you’re skeptical because it sounds like a whole lotta work with very little payoff in return! I know that some of you haven’t taken this plunge because something is holding you back – whether it’s the time commitment, fear, lack of trust in humanity – whatever it is, today I want to help you see the payoff when you step out of yourself and into something new. I am going to show you a few awesome people I know that have created success by getting out there and showing off their brilliance! 

Roxy Jordet

I met Roxy at a free Lunch and Learn I hosted in the summer of 2016 where I talked about blogging. She signed up to have a free consultation with me and asked if her partner, Mindy, could come with her. I agreed to meet in person and we had a lovely conversation. They were business partners and wanted to begin blogging for their business, but didn’t know where to start or what to do. I told them that together, we can create a content calendar that will speak their message and will guide their audience into know, like and trust with freebies.

We partnered up and within 60 days, they had a content calendar, were blogging once a week, getting on Facebook Live consistently, and were getting out there. Fast forward to now, Roxy has gone a different path and has her own website, but she is still blogging weekly, going onto Facebook Live, and being active on social media where she has created thousands of dollars for herself! And some of this money was created when she did one live video! And it all began with her getting interested in blogging!

Since stepping out and moving forward, Roxy has created a brand for herself and really found her voice and is speaking to her ideal audience and is making BANK off of it! You have no idea how proud I am of her and how her dedication and perseverance is paying off big time! She has recuperated her investment in me 5X fold since last summer!

Visit Roxy’s site now!

Laura Pence Atencio

Laura is another awesome example of someone who has taken the work, time and consistency to bring in clients and income into her business by blogging and being active on social media. Because Laura was so active and consistent with her work, she gained a client who told her that he had been following her for 8 months and knew he wanted to work with her. So now after 8 months, they are partnering together to build his business because Laura has taken the time to build her business with her content and consistency.

Another payoff has been when she was asked to be on a virtual summit and teach people how to market their business. When you get on a virtual summit, you are exposed to a whole new set of audience who are wanting to learn from YOU! Laura was able to speak to people through her free consultation calls and gain a few extra clients. She would not have gained that success if she was not consistently blogging or being active on social media.

Go to Laura’s website now!

Here’s the Point…

Blogging and content marketing WORKS. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes consistency. But the payoff is WORTH IT. Look at Roxy who started with nothing and is now making 4 figures easily on a Facebook live video! Laura is able to work with clients who have been following her because she’s been CONSISTENT with her work for years! Blogging is worth because I have made several thousand dollars off my own blog and have been invited to a virtual summit myself because I was serious about my content, worked it consistently, and gave it the time it deserves. 

If you’re still doubtful, then I want to encourage you to look at why you’re doubtful and then make a decision. Are you serious about your business? If you are, you need content, especially if you want your business to be online and reach people through Facebook Live (like Roxy does!). If you’re uncertain what to talk about, I want to let you know that I offer free 45-minute consultation calls where you and I will explore the possibility of us partnering together to begin creating a rockstar campaign that will lead clients to your virtual doorstep! Click here to get on my calendar so we can get that plan going!

 Ever feel like you’re doing “ALL THE THINGS” and getting nowhere…

We have found that driven, determined entrepreneurs are often doing too much and still finding themselves wondering what more they can do to make their business work…

Does this sound familiar?

Most entrepreneurs start out doing way too much… Spreading yourself thin and unable to follow up with leads to close business.

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