It’s time to write that blog post!

But… you have so many questions like, “Where do I start?” 

“I need forever worth of content to begin blogging!” (Recent one I heard!)

“I don’t know how long a blog post should be!”

Or whatever else you have going through your head.

Inside of this post, you’re going to learn how to write a blog post like a boss! Now this article is more of a overview, but if you want step-by-step instruction on how to create a crafty headline all the way down to publishing your blog post, then read my Start to Finish Guide that I wrote that will answer many of your questions (“How long is a blog post?” question will be answered!) and to really get a grasp on how to write a blog post successfully!

But before we can even get into writing a blog post like a boss, you need to identify this one aspect a lot of bloggers forget to do!

Identify Your Blog’s Purpose

Not to brag or anything, but I wrote in another blog post that sums up why you need a purpose for your blog before you even begin writing it:

Before you even write one blog post, you need to ensure your blog is serving a purpose so that your message is targeted and unwavering. You don’t want people who come to your blog scratching their heads, wondering what your blog is all about.

You want it to be crystal clear on what your blog is about, who it is for, and why that person needs to listen to you. If you don’t have that, then you may lose out on customers, leads, and credibility.

Every blog post you write will need to shine forth your blog’s purpose; this builds a relationship with your audience. 

So, how do you find your blog’s purpose? Here are some simple questions to ask yourself before you blog:

  1. What’s your purpose for your blog?
  2. Who do you want to help?
  3. How are you going to serve them through your posts?
  4. Why are you wanting to begin blogging?

Take a few minutes to answer these questions now.

Know Your Content

Understand what kind of content you will be writing about (in general) by understanding your blog’s purpose. If my blog’s purpose is to help female entrepreneurs succeed in creating and maintaining successful blogs, then my content will reflect this purpose.

But you may want to consider doing some market research for your blog’s topic to ensure that it’s something your audience really want s to learn about. 

One of my favorites is (I really should be getting paid every time I lead people there!) as you can type in one keyword word in their search bar and they take all the questions people ask from Google and Bing and turn it into a visual so you can take that information and use it for your content. And it’s the exact way people ask the question you want to write about!

Here are some other ways to market research:

  1. Social Media
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Conduct Surveys
  4. Ask current and past clients
  5. Look at your competition

Know exactly how to use each of the above suggested by reading this article!

Write Your Blog Post

Now it’s time to write! Once you know your content and what topics you can write about, it’s time that you write your badass blog post like a boss! Here’s some tips to make your post stand out:

Create a Catchy Headline

Your headline should be catchy, sizzling and hot! Use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to help you create a headline that gains attention!


Know what SEO words you need to have in your blog article. I defined it best in this article:

You can go to Google Keyword Planner (you’ll need a Google Adword account. It’s free) and type in words that your audience might type in for your particular blog topic.

Hubspotsays using a few keywords that are related to your content throughout your blog content as well as in your blog’s headers, URL, meta description, and so forth.

Another Keyword website you can use is

Create an Opening

Your opening should be creative as it’s the very thing that will keep people reading. You can start with a question, a statistic, or a story.

Have Points

Every blog post should have points. Depending on what kind of blog post you’re writing, the number of points will vary. At the bare minimum, there should be three points to every blog. 

If you’re writing a listicle, then your points are going to vary depending on how many points you’re making with your list.

Conclude with a Call to Action

You need to have a strong call to action! Your call to action should be a download, a question, or a “do this” (like “Go like my Facebook Page“).

Have Ah-mazing Images

Having visuals in your blog post is going to help you gain more traffic and eyes on your blog. Think about it when you’re on Pinterest, you click on the images that you like and are attractive to you. Have ah-mazing images on your blog post, please. And make sure they are relevant! 

Here is a list of royalty-free image sites you go to and download to use without fear of being sued!


Now it’s time to post and publish your blog! Be loud and proud about it! Read the eight ways to generate traffic onto your blog after hitting publish.

You know how to write a blog like a boss! Listen, if you need more of a step-by-step guide, then read my blog post, “How to Write a Successful Blog Post From Start to Finish”. This will show you everything I talked about in more detail and instruction. 

But if this was enough and you’re excited, then download the free blog template on how to write your first How-To blog post! Take the guesswork out of writing a blog post and save time by having a template to follow from start to finish!

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