Content is king and one way to dominate the world (okay, not the world) with content is through blogging. If you’re new to blogging or are wanting to start a blog, perhaps you’re wondering how do write blog posts that convert?

We want to have a healthy, happy growing business and blogging is a big part of growing it, so how do you and I utilize our blogs to increase our bank accounts, have more clients, and ultimately, convert readers into loyal and happy fans?

The answer may not be as easy as you think, but if you follow this path, you are sure to be on your way to creating more and more blog content that converts!

Understand How You’re Different

There are a million other content strategists, blogging coaches, and content creators out there than me. But I have to define how I am different than all the rest of them. 

You have to do the same. How are you different? How do you work uniquely with your clients? Do you have a process and system that no one else has?

What is it about you that makes you different than everyone else?

This may take some time to unravel, but when you do, I promise, it’ll make all the difference in the world for you and your content. Once you know how you’re different, you can then create content that speaks to that difference and begin attracting people to you based on how you serve your clients differently.

Ask, Ask, Ask, and Ask Some More

You want to ask your audience or conduct market research all the dang time until you have your wording and content down to a T! Once you know how you’re different and understand what makes you so unique from the other people who are doing the same work as you do, then it’s time to get into your clients head.

Understand what they are struggling with. Know what keeps them up at night. Feel their pain and stress when they are not creating the life they love. 

Use their language as much as you can in your copy, headlines, blogs, opt-ins, on your sales pages and more! You need to be speaking their language if you want your content to convert.

Some ways to get into their world is by simply asking them what is keeping them up at night or what are they struggling with right now inside their business. Then use their words inside of your copy and blog content.

You can conduct market research on your own through websites like or Both are great resources to use when you’re not sure where to start.

Become the Solutionator 

When you are clear on what their problem is and what words or phrases they are using to describe their problems, then it’s time to create a post that leads to a solution that only you can solve.

Your blog post should answer their problem or be a part of the solution. Your blog post needs to give your audience a quick win, like take them from A to B. 

For example, one of the biggest problems many of my clients face is how do they come up with content when they are clueless? Inside of my blog posts, I write 12 different blog posts they can write when they hit writer’s block!

That is getting them from point A (clueless on content to write about) or point B (12 blog post ideas they can write right now!). 

I’m only giving them part of the solution for when you blog, there’s a whole content strategy and marketing piece to it and I reserve most of that content for my paid clients within my online course, The Confident Blogger or private one-on-one coaching with me.

Begin thinking of ways you can give your wonderful readers real solutions to their problems because this creates loyalty and fans. If they can rely on you to give them solutions to their problems, aches, and pains, then they will continue to come back to your blog, time and time again.

Ask for the Action

Now it’s time to get your audience to take action. This is where the real conversion lies! Once you’ve begun to create content that solves your audience’s problems and gives a solution to their pain, it’s time to ask for the sale or for them to take action!

An action can be anything from download my free workbook to get in my Private Facebook Group, to Enroll in my new online course! It can be free or paid, it does not matter.

If you don’t ask for the action, your people will not respond. Get bossy and demanding here. It’s okay! People need direction and you’re the director!

Get in Their Faces (Use Emotions)

This is where you get to become the BOLD Leader that you were meant to be and get into their faces and call out their BS. 

How do you call out their BS without feeling like an A-Hole?

Easy: you go back to their pain points and tug at their emotions.

“I know you’ve been wanting to blog for quite some time now and you still haven’t taken the plunge. Look, you can be in that space if you want, but I know for a fact that when you’re in that space, you don’t move forward. Being in inaction is no better than being stuck in mud. When you don’t take action, NOTHING changes in your life. It’s time to make that change and make it right now.”

I would probably say this more in a video than in a blog, but hey, who knows?! You want to use emotions, feelings, and the same questions that they are asking you to solve and point out that if they stay in that place, they will NOT move forward and remain stuck, confused and stagnant and it’s time to move forward. 

Leaders call people out on their BS and request them to take action and get out of their heads. 

This does take practice and I can tell you, you can do it from love because you see where people can be at if they just took the plunge and worked with you, right? Stand with people from that point of view and when you call them out on their BS, it won’t feel like it because this is how you’re lovingly nurturing them to be a better self.

Not calling them out on their BS is requesting them to play small. And that’s not servicing anyone.


Creating a blog that converts is all about diving deep into your client’s pain and questions. Then create blog posts that become the solution to their problems by giving them a small win. After you’ve given them a small win, you’re going to ask them to continue to a relationship with you by getting onto your email list or private Group.

In essence, it’s all about creating a relationship with your audience that builds community, trust, and loyalty to you and your brand. Become the leader that calls them out on their excuses and lovingly point them to a further solution by working with you in some form or fashion.

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