Many of you walked into 2018 feeling confident that this is YOUR year and YOUR time to go big with your coaching and speaking business! But do you have a Visibility Plan for your business (don’t know what a Visibility Plan is? Read how to create one yourself!)? How are people going to hear about you? Knowing how you’re going to get out there in the world is important to your business, your income, and your goals.

Now there are a lot of ways to get visible now in days, but how do you get visible online? And how do people get all those fancy logos on their websites?

You can have those fancy logos on your website as well and it all begins with knowing how to reach out to a variety of different media on different platforms. Remember, these “fancy logos” are not just that – they are saying that you’re establishing yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field by making appearances on a variety of different platforms.

Last week, we went over how to get seen as a Guest Blogger (which you can read here) and the week prior, we went over the importance of having a Visibility Plan as part of your marketing efforts. 

As part of the Visibility Series, another way to establish yourself as a thought leader is by getting onto online magazines (also called Digital Magazines) and sharing your expertise that way. Let’s get into how you can begin to get inside of digital magazines to build your influence there.

What is an Digital Magazine?

Like the word implies, a digital magazine is just like an offline magazine, but just online. They accept advertisements and sponsors just like any other offline magazine does as well. Many offline magazines offer online subscriptions to their readers now.

Why would I want to write for a Digital Magazine? Why not write for an offline Magazine instead?

You can write for an offline magazine and still look to be an influencer in your field. But because we are talking about gaining visibility through online means, we’re sticking with writing for digital magazines.

Both on and offline magazines give you the benefit of reaching a boarder audience, securing a place where people will have an opportunity to read your work, and to check you out online. Digital magazines also give you the opportunity to throw in a Call to Action so people will get onto your list.

Unlike guest blog posting where you are not sure if the audience is there or not, with a digital magazine, you are guaranteed eyes on your content. Magazines need to have sponsors or advertisements to survive, so you know that they have readers. Plus, many magazines can track how many downloads they get every time they release a new issue. 

If you’re not ready to get into the bigger magazines (think Entrepreneur, Forbes, etc.), then consider going small as there are a lot of digital magazines that serve your ideal audience. 

My advice: Find a magazine that can tell you how many downloads they get per month and how many subscribers they have. This will show they are treating their magazine like a real business.

Plus, with digital magazines, most of the time, the editor in chief is usually more hands-on and will be able to respond quickly due to the ease of setting up a magazine online. If you were to go with a bigger magazine though, you may not hear back from busy editors as soon.

What will this do for your business?

  1. Build credibility to your name.
  2. Gives you prestigious. 
  3.  Separation from your competition.
  4. Show that you’re a thought leader in your field.
  5. Showcases that you’re not afraid to get out there and people admire that about you.
  6. A magazine logo on your business can bring in more interest – thus leading to more business.
  7. You look more serious about your messaging and your business than others.
  8. You can show others how to write for online magazines now that you have connections. 

Great! Where do I find digital magazines to write for?


Google is my all-time go-to when I want to research something. Type in “[your industry] + digital magazines” or “magazine to write for + entrepreneur”. Your search may bring up an article that will help you begin to find online magazines to write for.

Facebook Groups.

Once again, Facebook Groups are powerful! I found a few magazines to write for just by keeping up with what was going on in the feed. Because I have used Facebook, I have been in magazines like Badassery Magazine and Revamped Magazine. Another way of finding magazines is by searching for them on Facebook. Many magazines should have a Facebook page for their business.

How do I approach a Digital Magazine?

Many magazines will have their guidelines and a form that you will need to fill out on their website where you can submit your topic idea for their magazine. 

My advice: ALWAYS read their guidelines carefully! And then respect them.

Some magazines you might have to ask if they are taking contributors at this time. Never be afraid to ask, even if it’s a BIG magazine and it freaks you out a bit. That’s okay. You will never know what they may say if you never ask.

Also, there are plenty of advice on Google on how to make a good impression on the form to stand out from everyone else and get your content selected the first time around. 

What happens next?

Hopefully, your work will be selected and the magazine will tell you how they want your content to be submitted to them along with everything else they want (like a headshot and a bio).

Word of Advice: ALWAYS, ALWAYS include your website!

That may be a common sense thing to do, but I have an article in Foundr Magazine where I did not mention my website *palm smack* I cannot believe I didn’t include that in my bio!

Once its published, then you can use their logo on your website and any other marketing material as a way to show that your brand was supported – or sponsored – by the publication!

That’s how you gain visibility by writing for Online Magazines!

Let me know what on or offline magazine you’re pursuing after this year on my Facebook Page! I want to hear YOUR story and see your work!

Also, be looking out for a workshop I’m hosting on March 7! Details are coming soon!

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