This past week I have been dealing with a sore throat and congestion that is sweeping the mid-west states apparently. Seriously, my poor cousin from Georgia went out to Nevada with her husband and she picked it up! Pressure in my head that acts like a fog, can’t think, my throat is sore, and I just felt tired!

And you know what? The work was piled SKY HIGH for me to do! I have a free webinar coming up (you can sign up here), I need to finish getting ready for that, I had a client wanting to me edit a blog, I got another call from a client who needed my help with content, and I needed to create content for my own blogs!

So what did I do? Well, I didn’t do anything.

I only skipped one day and even though I cringed at the thought of skipping one day, I had to realize something: my poor body was trying to heal itself and I needed to take that one day to allow my body to do so. I mean if I can’t take care of myself when I’m sick, how can I possible take care of myself when I’m whole and feeling on fire?

I decided to drink plenty of Jammin’ Ginger Lemon tea with local honey so my throat would be soothed, I drank 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, took medicine, and when I became tired, slept. I totally napped twice yesterday as I was literally good for nothing. My head was in such a fog that concentrating was beyond me.

I had to tell my clients that I wasn’t feeling well and I wasn’t working up to par. I was sick and I needed to rest to heal myself. In which, I know they completely understood. It’s the season to get sick, so they had to expect it.

Next time you get sick and you know things are piling high, take a day to recuperate. I am serious. What is more important than your health? I know there are deadlines (trust me on this! I got so much stuff to do before this webinar, it’s not even funny!), but if you’re not at 100% sooner, than you’re going to stay at 60% longer.

Today, the fog tried to come back, but it didn’t. I feel much better and knew it was because I took one day to allow my body to catch back up. I was actually productive today and made up from what I missed yesterday. Now, do I have a long way to go still? Sure do. But I know I’m getting back to 100% and hope I can stay there longer before falling ill again.

Cheers to you with a cup of Jammin’ Ginger Lemon tea!

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