Are you on the fence of starting a blog? Perhaps you feel as if it’s not the “right time” or fear putting all this work into a blog without any return. 

I get it; a blog can take time to craft the content, find unique pictures, conduct SEO, and then promote it. It’s a lot of work, but that isn’t what you should focus on.

Many coaches tell me they have a message that is aching to get out, that they want to serve people and help solve their problems. They want to reach others outside of their locality and to make a lasting impact.

This is what you should focus on; not the amount of time or work to put into a blog, but the people you’re going to impact and serve through your blog. When you start making it all about you, then you have lost sight of the real reason you need to start a blog.

That is why I want to talk to you about the disservice you’re doing to not only yourself but to the people you could serve. If you want to have a community before launching your blog so you’ll have readers, then join my course, Your Blog Launch Made Easy, that will teach you the exact steps to creating a community before you hit publish on your blog.

Here are six vital reasons why delaying a blog is a disservice to you, your brand, and your customers:

1. Your voice isn’t heard.

When you are not blogging, no one hears your voice. Your voice has a very limited reach and without blogging, your voice suffers to locality.

If you want to help those outside your local area, how are you doing that? And how much time and money is that taking? 

I can guarantee you that it’s taking too much energy and time from you (not to mention gas money). If you know your message was meant for more, how are you going to get your voice out there without a blog? 

2. Your message only travels so far.

If you’re out networking, traveling, or speaking, then your voice is only going to be as big as far as you can travel. When your message travels so far, other people outside of this don’t know that you exist. 

With a blog, you can exist to other people who you wouldn’t otherwise meet or be connected with. When done right, your blog can be global without you having to spend money, time and energy traveling yourself.

3. Your impact isn’t as great.

Many coaches I work with want to have an impact on this world, they desire to make a difference in people lives. That’s great, but you’re only going to make an impact on those you can physically reach. 

A blog can reach tens of thousands of people and you’re settling for a few hundred because blogging takes too much time? Let me ask you: how much time is it taking for you to reach those few hundred people? How much money are you wasting to try to connect to a few hundred when there are thousands waiting for you and your services?  

4. People don’t get to experience you.

Did you know that every time you serve a client, you are allowing someone to experience you in a unique way?

Why would you hide that from others?

When you’re not blogging and sharing your heart and message to others, then you’re not allowing them to experience you. You are hiding from them and they are lost without you.

Your voice is so powerful and when you hide it from those you may never meet, then you are disserving them because they are waiting to hear from someone like YOU!

I cannot stress this enough because your message is crucial and when you’re not blogging and sharing, your ideal clients are continually lost, confused, hurting, and unsure because you are not putting yourself out there to give them to chance to experience you and your services.

When I think of this, I cannot help but blog and share myself in hopes they will find me and want to experience more of me in a more deeper way (this could mean getting on my email list, buying a course, or emailing me).

5. Your revenue suffers.

When you are not out there blogging, serving others through sharing your message, you are leaving money on the table. People are waiting to buy from you, they just don’t know it yet! Your services are the answer to their prayers! If you’re not blogging, how can they learn of your services?

If they don’t know who you are, they cannot buy from you, thus creating the loss of impact on your end to really make a difference in their world. And that’s the reality of it.

6. Your Fulfillment Suffers.

When you close your message to only those in your local area, then how can you really feel fulfilled? When you know that you can touch people lives, make a difference, be the answer to prayers for a person, but yet never show up for them in a way that they can discover you, then is your business really being fulfilled?

And can you live with that?

For me, I blog to inspire, educate, and help coaches learn how to blog, create content that resonates and make a business from their blog using resources they already have. When I think of the people I can reach through my blog (I have already seen the fruits of my labor through blogging), then it gives me fulfillment. 

Writing this blog reminds me of why I started to blog and why I am so sad and dishearten when people tell me that a blog isn’t worth their time, especially when they just communicated that they have a message aching to get out. This makes me feel as if they don’t believe in their message and don’t feel their voice can really make the difference.

It’s time to play big and playing big might mean to start a blog. Are you ready to unleash your power, your voice, and message to the world?

Let me show you how to start a blog on the right path. If your biggest worry is building a community, then come to my free Masterclass, How to Launch Your Coaching Blog Now, where I am going to show you:

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  • Write content that resonates, inspires, and encourages people to experience you in a deeper way
  • Learn to spend one hour a week on your blog and a few hours a month to gain new leads, traffic, and engagement so you can do what you love

Go ahead and sign up for your spot today so your fulfillment and voice can truly be heard by those you are dying for you to show up.





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Female Entrepreneurs hire me to create and write successful blogs so that they can articulate their message into convertible and profitable content. Many are confused, overwhelmed, and lost at where to begin, so I help them step up into their authentic authority, strategize their message and increase their income all from the powerful use of blog strategy.

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I am an author of three books, International speaker and writer, and coach who is married to a USAF veteran. Together we have a beautiful son, so when I’m not chasing him around, I love to snuggle with my cat, travel, drink coffee and read fantasy (Brandon Sanderson fans in the house?).