With the hit of COVID-19, many entrepreneurs began to immediately face fears around if they could continue to create money for their businesses. And it wasn’t just the entrepreneurs who were afraid of this, it was also those who go to a daily job.

I believe that this virus has really helped many people see that their jobs cannot be relied upon and that having a side hustle might be a great way to make money if something like this happens again.

What ways have you’ve been hit with COVID-19 as a business owner? I would love to know by hearing from you personally, whether it’s good or bad, I want to support you.

I keep saying it and I will continue to say it, I believe us entrepreneurs have just been given our year on a silver platter. We can serve others and show others that they can still have a reliable job and make money as a side hustle as well (this is for those who we know that they don’t ever want to be an entrepreneur).

We can show our clients or prospective audience that we can still make money and support our dreams, family, and business by bringing forth all we got into both free and paid content so that we are serving and helping.

One way I am serving my audience is by bringing them more ways on how to make money with content and that is exactly what we are going to talk all about today.

How to Make Money with Paid Content

I love talking about paid content because it’s not as hard as it sounds and when you get into the flow of it, it becomes natural and easy.

A few weeks ago, I said this about paid content:

“Your free content works to attract people to you, turn them into leads, and build a relationship. Now, you’re actually making an offer. If they feel that you have unique solutions to their problems, they’ll buy from you.”

First Things First

The very first step in all of this is that we have to build the basic content first, which is called awareness content. Awareness content comes in the form of weekly content, like a weekly blog, podcast episode, or video. 

If you have not begun a weekly piece of content right now, this is the BEST time to get started!

If you’re wondering why you can’t just post on social media, here’s why: social media could go down tomorrow or it could erase everything you wrote and you’ll be left with nothing. Plus, the moment you write on social media, that content is no longer yours.

When you produce weekly content that is answering the questions of your audience on a separate platform (like a blog), that platform is your and the likely hood of your paid platform going down is very, very slim.

Next, you want to write lead generation content by leading your audience from your weekly content to your email list with a content upgrade – like a checklist, pdf, video series, or worksheet.

In the meanwhile, you’re creating relationships with your audience with your content, no matter if it through your email list, your weekly content, or social media; you’re providing value by answering their questions, addressing their concerns, and fulfilling on how they can move their business, health, or relationship in the right direction.

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Getting Paid to Write

This is why getting started and showing up on your social media feed, creating and posting weekly content, hosting videos, conducting online workshops and so much more is the ideal time to start because when all this COVID-19 stuff is over, you’ll literally have clients lining up the door to work with you!

It’s YOUR time to show up; your business needs you to show up consistently, every day, every week, with answers to their questions, leading them by example, and giving them that peace of mind they desperately need right now.

If you need help with this, then let’s hop on a call and start creating content that leads to paying clients sooner than you think.

Here’s an example of how to get paid for your content after building relationships with your audience:

“It could be an email or social media post announcing to your audience members a new product or service. Or it could be a piece that’s promoting a paid course you’re planning to offer and you’ll looking for beta testers (if you need them) or if they are looking for your type of service.”

Examples Are…

Leading your audience to an email challenge where they do a daily challenge with access to you via a Facebook Group. At the end of the challenge, you offer them a massive discount or add on extra bonuses to an online course or group program.

Writing content that leads people to get on a free call with you where you sell them into a program of yours. The content leading up to it can be asking questions and responding to them in the comments that lead to that discovery call.

Hosting a free training with the call to action being getting onto a private call with you where you lead them into a paid program. Or the training can lead to a group program or online course.

Your Audience is looking at You

It’s time to show up and begin to plant the seeds now. You are the expert in your field, you can serve and help so many people during these uncertain times.

It’s up to you how you’re going to use it.

Right now, people are at home bored and are looking for someone to inspire them, calm them down, and give them support. This is where awareness and relationship building content come in. 

Build trust now and begin serving your ideal customers now so that they can feel safe when you ask them to work with you. If you are unsure or have no clue how to do this, then let’s talk. Shoot me an email at [email protected] or click here to schedule a call

Let’s change the way your audience sees you and let’s start leading them to fruitful relationships with you and your brand so that you can be the hero in their story. 

You have the opportunity to change someone’s world right now. Will you take it?

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