Hello 2016!


Goodbye 2015!

Many of us are renewing our lives by revisiting our goals, touching up our old resolutions, and preparing ourselves for our new year resolutions for 2016!

If you’re anything like the majority of Americans (or me), then you are setting new goals for 2016 and are feeling vibrant and ready to lock and load!

As a business owner and a writer, I have many goals that I want to accomplish this year. One of the things I knew I needed was a vision board, so I went to Hobby Lobby and brought a huge chalk board and chalk markers for it. I then split it up using my awesome markers into 4 different sections where each section was dedicated to writing my S.M.A.R.T. goals for 2016,  major goals I want to accomplish in 2016, an Idea Center and Give Away section. This is one way I can remind myself of my bigger goals while taking a look at my smaller goals as well.

But as a writer, I have already put a plan into action to publish one book in the next 90 days and even publishing an eBook in that time period as well. Now I have many more writing goals – perhaps two or three other book ideas, but I’m trying to stay focus and achieve my 90 day goal first.

With this being said, I will be doing things around Monica Writes a little differently. I’m ecstatic about this new jump because I’ll have more interviews with the circle of people I know and more actionable tips to provide for you to make 2016 the best year for your writing journey yet!

So what is the big news? Let me tell you!

Every month, I’ll have a theme and with that theme, every blog post will be written according to that theme. You probably already figured out January’s theme: Kickstart Your New Year’s Resolutions the Write Way! This means you’ll receive blogs to help you focus on your New Year”s Resolutions and goals, create a space to strike inspiration, and planning your goals like a boss!

I also have created another resolution and that is to offer you more freebies for you to use and grow. My goal is to give you one freebie a month! What can you expect from these freebies? Checklists, worksheets, actionable planning calendars, and more! At the end of January, I’ll be offering a freebie, so stick around for that!

Each freebie will be geared to help you plan, achieve, and excel at your goal. We all lose sight of our goals from time to time, but I want this year to be a year where your goals become your reality so you can set higher goals for 2017!

As this year begins to unwrap itself, I have been noticing a trend on social media: many people were saying 2015 was a year of lessons and 2016 will be the year of action. This is exactly what I want for you: A year of taking big leaps and giant steps to accomplishing your big hairy goals! That’s the main reason behind my resolutions for my blog – I want to help you exceed with actionable cheat sheets and worksheets to help you overcome any obstacle that is in your way. I also know how easy it is to lose sight of our goals and gain clarity again. I hope I can be of assistance during this unique time in your life.

If you would like a topic or theme to be discussed during 2016, please let me know as I am still uncovering each month’s theme (I have January – April planned out already). I would love to know any struggles you would like to have mentioned as we go through the year.

Let’s raise our glasses to an actionable new year of fulfilling dreams and achieving greatness!

Come by next Monday to read about the importance of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and how easy it is to do for your writing!

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