If you’re a well-established entrepreneur that is wanting to take your business to the next level, but don’t know how to get there, then you need to talk to Kimberly Alexander from Denver, Colorado.

Kimberly Alexander is a Transformational speaker, author, mentor and strategists. She specializes in working with women entrepreneurs that have a well-established business, but know they can be more in growing their business and want to build it to the next level of success. If you want to increase your income and start making well over 6 figures, then Kimberly is the strategist to talk to!

Kimberly worked in the corporate world for over 20 years and loved it! But quickly found herself living on an airplane 80% of the time, missing her life, her children, and her husband. She then decided to take what she loved doing in the corporate world and go out on her own, branding herself to work with established entrepreneurs.

During her corporate career, Kimberly spoke for her company, nationally and locally. She used to present at workshops, both short and long, as well as giving presentations. So when she went out on her own, she used her speaking as a marketing tool to get herself on stage to funnel people into working with her one on one, which is what she loves.

One day, the owner of the Denver Speaker Bureau told Kimberly, “If you want to have a leg up around other speakers, then you really need a book.”

“It’s probably one of the best things I have ever done for my career,” she says. “I never thought of myself as a writer before.”

Since then, she has published two books, a mere beginning to a series to help you clear the clutter, get clearer on your purpose, and building a business and life around that goal and purpose. The Results Map discusses how to close the gaps between work life and business life. “I find that people are successful in their own personal life or in their business, but really struggle with managing and being successful in both,” Kimberly says.

Kimberly’s first book, The Results Map, came out in May 2014, which is a “user-friendly for all” book for anyone, regardless if you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO. The book is designed to help anyone gain new insights that you can apply in any stage of business.

The Results Map for Women in Biz came out in September 2015. This book is catered to women entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business and their life to the next level.

“My books are my resume,” she says. “It’s a tool to get you on stages and it’s really a fantastic way to build your brand nationally.”

Kimberly mentors both men and women in their business, but prefers to work with women entrepreneurs. When she’s mentoring clients, she goes deep with her clients based on where they’re at and where they want to go inside their businesses. She has three hands on mentoring programs that she can work with you on, each one unique and specific to you and your needs. Some come to her looking for other sources and ideas for revenue and others come to her looking on how to get out of the way in order for their business to grow.

“My life’s work isn’t to be an author, it’s more to be a mentor to people for businesses.”

Kimberly doesn’t work with just anyone, she believes that you have to be the right fit. When she goes to meet the person who’s requesting to work with her, she has a set of questions to determine where they are at and where their mindset is before deciding if she’ll take them as a client.

She enjoys working with people who are willing to take risks and chances inside of their businesses, which means to think differently. “When you’re growing a business, you have to be uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable every single day, so you got to challenge yourself and think outside of the box!”

However, if you’re not a fit for her program, Kimberly has a whole list of other mentors and coaches that could fit you better. She will forwarded you to that coach who she thinks is a better fit and let them know of where you’re at.

Are you feeling that Kimberly Alexander is your gal to work with? Contact her by visiting her website at www.kimberlyalexanderinc.com to learn more, buy her books, and see if you can participate in her next workshop. Until then, continue to grow and prosper!

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