As a continuation of Love Yourself Enough to… I want to tell you about something I just received myself and how I am now addicted! It”s called the Firework Box by Fire and Wind Company! You should LOVE yourself enough to buy a box every month or every other month for yourself to receive in the mail!
What is the Firework box? Let me tell you!
The Firework Box was created by Female Entrepreneurs for Female Entrepreneurs! It was meant to serve as a form of encouragement and love from one business to many others! These lovely ladies wanted to spread encouragement and cheer every month in the form of a box full of gifts from other female owned businesses that were meant to inspire you and help you not to feel alone in your journey!
I knew I had to order a box and write a blog on it and I am so happy that it came in February as I am talking about how you should be showing some love to yourself!
So what was inside of my box? I”m glad you asked! I took pictures of everything I received! I was sooooo excited for my box to come in! I saw the email with my tracking number for my box and was ecstatic to see that my box was going to come in that day!

Opening the box lead me to see the welcome letter and stickers that Hello World Paper Co. made that said “Love Yourself” (how appropriate!) and “You Carry Value”. I also received four small tattoos that says “Love” made by Christen Strang. I decided to put one on me today 😉

Removing the welcome letter and the stickers, I saw the Nature Nectar, which is No Worries Salt Soak, infused with Lavender, Neroli, and Grapefruit scents bath salts to relax in the tub! I”m so doing that soon!

Removing the bath salts, I found a lovely magnet by Detroit Card Co. with homemade lip balm in the scent of Lime and Lavender. This is probably one of my favorites because what girl doesn”t need another lip balm to go into her purse?! The lip balm was made by With Love Handmade. I love the lime and lavender scent mixture!

Beneath the lip balm and magnet was a candle by Lit & Co! Who doesn”t love candles?! This candle scent is called Satsuma and it smells divine!

Beneath all of this was a card that I could send to another female business owner to let her know that I think she”s fabulous and she”s not alone in her business. This card was made by Hello World Paper Co.
I took a picture of all my goodies I received this month, but keep in mind that I”m not even showing you the digital goodies I received! The Firework Box sent me three downloads; one was a desktop background, one was a flyer of encouragement, and the last was a printable I could print and fill out myself.

I absolutely love my Firework Box and you should definitely get one too! If you”re a small business owner that just happens to be female, then you need to get this box! It”s so exciting to receive all these goodies and feeling so special that these ladies took time to plant seeds of encouragement and love!
So how much does a Firework Box cost? Its $39 + s&h. I don”t consider that a bad price as all the goodies I received cost more than $39. I know how much time and effort it takes to print, make, and put together the ingredients and then to package it up like the way they did, you get more than just $39 worth (not to mention the digital products I received!).
Where can you buy a Firework Box? You can buy a one month subscription or two or three month subscription at I highly recommend you buying one at least every other month for yourself. You”re not only supporting other female owned businesses, but you”re receiving gifts to help encourage, uplift, and inspire you! Now, who wouldn”t want that?!
I cannot wait for March to come now so I can get my March Firework Box! Will you be getting yours?

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