As I finish up with February’s theme of Love Yourself Enough to… I have enjoyed this theme a lot as I feel like I am not only speaking to myself, but to many others like me out there in the world. So today I want to speak to you about Loving Yourself Enough to Treat Yourself.

As entrepreneurs, writers or care givers of children, parents, or someone else, we often times forget to treat ourselves from time to time. We forget that we are important too and we need to be treated like the queen or king that we are!

I am going to tell you something: Don’t expect someone to treat you like this when you most need it!

Your spouse or children may not know when to give you special treatment when you need it the most! They may not be picking up on the stress cues or the “I’m not important” cues you may throw out at them. And that is 100% okay. That’s why I’m saying you need to treat yourself right.

When I say to treat yourself right, this doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank. You don’t need to go on a European cruise (although that would be a super nice gift to yourself!)! It could mean buying yourself a venti coffee when you normally buy a grande. Or buying yourself a shirt that is NOT on sale. Maybe spending $25 extra because you haven’t brought anything for yourself in a while.

Treat yourself this month. Make yourself feel important. I want you to work on this this week. I know that the money may be tight, but even taking a break from your work could be treating yourself. Going on a walk, getting ice cream, taking the day off may be just what you need to recharge your batteries and make yourself feel important and needed!

Only you know when you need to treat yourself right and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spoil yourself! You’re working HARD on writing or creating and you need to show yourself some love! Be kind to yourself. Make it a goal to spoil yourself once a month. Remember, it doesn’t have to be booking a flight to Florida (even though it would be nice for us Midwesterners!), but just simply upgrading your coffee to venti and buying that sweet muffin you’ve been eyeing every time you go into the coffee shop.

I have created a checklist for you to see how much you’re loving on yourself based on all of the blogs I have posted this month. You will be able to rate yourself as well and take the challenges I have placed in the list to help you overcome and encourage you or others. I encourage you to download the list to see how well you’re loving on yourself and what you might need to work on in order to know how fantastic and important you are!


I have enjoyed writing February’s theme as I didn’t have a lot of topics for this month, but the more I wrote, the more ideas came to me. I really hope you have enjoyed this month’s theme and prepare yourself for next month theme which is:


March will be a VERY exciting month as I will give you all the different ways on how you can march your way to success in different areas of your life! Stay tuned and come back next week for the first blog of Marching Your Way to Success!

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