As a continuation of this month theme, “Love Yourself Enough to…”, I”m talking about loving yourself enough to work during your productivity zone. If you have been on my webinars or been reading my blogs regularly, then you know this isn”t the first time I have talked about writing during your productivity zone. This is important to me because I know that if I don”t write when I”m in my productivity zone, I will probably not do it later.
What is a productivity zone, you ask? Well, my dear friend, let me tell you.
Your productivity zone is the time of day that you can easily access your genius zone; meaning that you can laser in on what you”re doing and focus to get it done quickly. It doesn”t take effort (or very little effort) to get into your productivity zone and to discover yourself flying through work like it”s nothing. It”s when you get up from your desk and say, “I was productive today!” You also get the sense that you are now accomplished and it was a good day.
You know that feeling! It”s a good day when this happen and that glass of wine is calling your name (or maybe a cold glass of soda!). You can relax knowing your conscience is clear and you don”t have to worry about any extra work.
You might be nodding your head, saying, “Yes, I have had those days!” But what time of the day was it in? Do you know what part of the day that you”re more likely to get into your productivity zone?
I know for myself that when I get up early and get started, it”s easier for me to get into my productivity zone and shell out work like it”s nothing. In the morning, I feel energized and more focus on my work. By lunch time, I”m looking at the work I have accomplished and thinking to myself, “It”s been a good morning!”
If I wait until after lunch to get writing done, I might not be in my zone; I become sloppy and tired. I also get bored and want to take a nap (don”t laugh, I”m sure you”ve been guilty of this!). I know that the afternoon is NOT my time to be productive. I am not a night owl as I am usually in bed by 10pm (don”t laugh!). I usually do not work past 7pm as I”m just getting burned out by that point and creating good quality content is usually beyond me.
Are you a morning person, an afternoon person, or an night owl? When do you feel the most creative, the most focus and the most accomplish? When you have this figured out, plan your day around this time. Know your limits and know when you become sloppy or uncreative.
I encourage you to notice when you”re most creative or give the most attention to your writing. Then plan your day accordingly. I want you going to bed feeling accomplished and like the day was well spent and not the other way around. So go out and be productive today, my fellow friends!

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