You have created a killer home page that is making people want to find out more about you. You have piqued their interest and now they are clicking on your About Me page.

As you may be aware, July is all about celebrating those who have websites and how you can celebrate with us by celebrating July Julibee! I have talked about the 5 reasons your business needs a website and 6 ways on how to create a killer home page. I want you to be turning your visitors into leads!

So, what does your About Me page contain? Shouldn’t this be the easy part? It should, shouldn’t it? But if you are serious about making your website a lead magnet (because that’s what it is), then you want to have a strategic structure to your About Me page.

Where to begin though? Let me show you.

How do You Provide Value?

One way to identify what to say to your audience is how you provide value to them. Melyssa from the Nector Collective says, “Yes, people want to learn about you (we’ll get into that, too), but they also want to know how YOU are going to help THEM.”

Think about the content that you’re going to write (or have been writing) for your blogs. How do you serve your readers when you write? What areas are you an expert in that you can solve people problems? How do you listen to your audience pain point and know how to adjust their life so they can live better? Think about this as you write your About Me page. It’s more for the reader anyways than about you. Be mindful on keeping your content about how you serve your clients best.

Begin with Targeting Your Audience

Who do you talk to? Where is your niche? Is it women who want to lose weight? Is it workout junkies? Is it foodies? Or is it empowering women (and men) to live life to their fullest?

Whatever it is, you need to state that here in the first piece of content. Just like your headline for your home page, this can be phased as a question like (then make sure you connect with your audience with a statement to let them know you struggled with that too):

Are you tired of trying diet after diet and not getting any results? I was there once too.

Can you just stare at food all day long and never get tired of making and baking? Yeah, me too!

Are you tired of struggling with not know what to say on your blogs? I was there once too.

These are just a few examples of what how you can catch your reader’s eyes to learn more about you as well as connecting with them instantly.

 What is your site really about anyways?

Why did you want to start a website in the first place? How do you want to solve a person’s problem? Remember earlier when I said that people are more interested in how you can help them? Keep that in mind as you go through the list of why you started your website.

One of the ways that Melyssa pointed out on how you can do this is by saying something like, “If you like X,Y, and Z, then you’ll feel right at home!” Be thinking and considering how you help your audience achieve greatness and the things they love. It’s because of that you were able to help them solve their problem. Spend time working on a piece of content (a paragraph) on pain points your clients face and how you solve their problem.

Now it’s time to talk about YOU!

It’s finally time to talk about you and what you’re all about! Yay! This is probably your favorite part, right?

Think of this time in your About Me page as how your visitor would interview you. What are some things your visitor would want to ask you, if you were seated across from them? They would probably ask you questions like “How did you become a leading expert in [your industry]?” Or “What made you want to do [your gift]?” And “How long have you been doing [your genius]?”

Melyssa also pointed out that is this sort of like a job interview. You wouldn’t go to a job interview spatting off 30 random facts about yourself, would you? No! Don’t do that here! Melyssa adds that it’s okay to add some fun facts about yourself. “Adding things like the city you live in, what your hobbies are, and anything that is very “you” can be a great way to connect with your audience.”

Don’t forget!

You don’t want a visitor to scroll through your About Me Page and love it only to get distracted and turn away. No, you want them to stick around. So how do you do it?

You probably guessed it. You want a Call to Action! You want your visitor to get to know you more since they stuck around on your About Me page long enough. Invite them to join your newsletter or to opt in for a free gift that they would absolutely love! Your goal here is to reinforce them to get to know you more so they can be aware of your online presence in the luxury of their inbox.

You are well on your way to achieving a GREAT About Me page! If you’re more visual, then there are two infographs that will layout how you can write your About Me Page. Click here and here.


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