Monica has a found a great place for her skills as a writer

My name is Shawndae Johnson-Ogle, and I met Ms. Monica while I was setting up the final details of the 2014 Cheyenne Farmers Market®. At that time I learned that Monica was coming up on the end of her contract for services at a local non-profit agency. She was preparing to start the journey of her longtime dream to become a free-lance writer, a service that the Cheyenne area could use. I had a few ideas in the works for the agency I work for that required a writer. We talked about when would be good time to start this project and before you knew it the partnership had begun. The above mentioned article required a lot of research on my part, digging through 3-ring binder full of the printed “Minutes” and Board Meeting notes going all the way back to 1976. While I started this research portion, Monica got to work on the writing of a two page article that merely needed fact checked and some minor changes when she was finished. The time that Monica Writes saved me was so helpful; I wouldn’t have had time to do the project alone. And having such a small amount of detail to go on, she really did a great job. I feel Monica has a found a great place for her skills as a writer and I think that once her career takes off, the rest of Cheyenne will agree. This is truly a service that so many of us could use!