You may have been hearing about this Now or Never November program I’ve been talking about of late. I thought I would share this program a little bit more in detail with you so your questions may be answered.

National Novel Writing Month starts on November 1 and it’s to encourage writers to write between 30-50K words in 30 days. Last year, over 300,000 writers joined in on the journey from all across the nation. This is an event that is taken all over the world! I know that Libraries are getting in on it as my local library is having their Novel Writing class that is a 4 week class where local authors come in and discuss writing topics.

Now or Never November came into being for this purpose. It’s a 30 Day Results Intensive Program to help you take the story within your head and give it physical form, all in 30 days or less. If writing a book has been on your radar and you’ve been wanting to do it, but it hasn’t gotten done, then Now or Never November may be what you need.

When you join Now or Never November, throughout the course of the month, you’ll have a coach to push you forward, to remind you of your goal, to help you limit your distractions, and to talk out any frustrations, mental blocks or story ideas with. You’ll also get the chance to tell your wins with other people once a week who are doing what you’re doing: writing a book in 30 days or less. For a whole month, you’ll be under an intensive training with a supporter, coach, and trainer to get you through the month like a Pro!

Imagine on December 1 when you have a skeleton of a book in your hands (or on a laptop)! Imagine the pride and joy you’re going to feel! Imagine the state of being you will be in! All that weight, GONE! Your book is now in its physical shape, ready to have some real meat on it (meaning the editing process will begin).

Maybe you’re still on the fence or maybe the idea of working on a book for 30 days straight sounds a bit daunting. Let me tell you where the name came from for this program. I was talking to a gentleman who told me, “Monica, if I don’t write this book now, when am I doing to do it?” He realized that there’s is no time like the present. If he just kept on saying, “I’ll write a book one day”, it’ll probably never happen. You and I don’t know how long we have on this planet, so are you wanting to leave this earth with your story still within you? If you just said, “No,” then you know what you need to do.

To check out more about the 30 Day Results Intensive Package called Now or Never November, please see my Page. Remember, I’m only taking 5 people in on this intensive program and you could be part of the 5 people. You need to act now because of the limited space. Plus, November is only a few days away and if you’re ready to turn your idea into a solid book, it’s now or never to do so!

Remember, you won’t be writing your book alone – you’ll have me to help you get through it, as well as the other 4 participates who are on the same path. Let’s not forget the 300,000+ people who are doing it all over the country! Become part of the movement to be on your way to becoming a famous author!

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