Have you ever wondered how busy business owners find the time to write?! You are barely keeping up and you know you should be writing blog posts every week, but where, oh where, do you find the time?!

You’re probably wondering how I find the time to write as a mom to a 4-month-old son!

Creating the time to write your blog post doesn’t have to be complicated or even hard; it just takes knowing your personality and how you operate to include writing into your everyday life or week.

Here are some tips to begin creating time to write your blog posts on a consistent basis:

Write in your productivity zone

A productivity zone is when you can work the most in the shortest amount of time at a particular time of the day. This means whatever time of the day you find yourself creating the most work in the least amount of time, is your productivity zone.

The two most popular productivity zones are morning and night. I am a morning person and I find my groove in the morning, thus getting the most done. If you want me to work in the afternoon or evening, you can count me out! My brain isn’t functioning right, I’m tired and I’m ready to spend time with the hubs and baby.

Some of you find your most creativity at night, probably when I’m snoozing. That’s okay! Take that time and be creative and write your blog posts! If that’s the time of day that you work best in and you create the best of your work, then do it then.

After you have identified your productivity zone, you can then start implementing these simple time-saving tips.

Write for only 10 minutes

Okay, what if you don’t enjoy writing and don’t want to put a whole lot of time into it?

You do know that you don’t have to write your blog post all at once?


I know, right?

You can put a timer on and write for 10-15 minutes. And once that timer goes off, you can go back to doing whatever you were doing. It’s ok NOT to finish a blog post! 

You can totally write in small increments of time and then come back later to finish your post.

Write longer posts to make into two posts

If you find yourself on a roll (because you’re writing in your productivity zone) and you’re noticing that your blog post is getting over 1000 or 1100+ words long, you can always break it up into TWO posts!

How cool is that?

Then you don’t have to worry about next weeks blog post!

Make a time of day for content creation

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to pull away from my writing (I can’t just leave it!), then make a day or a time to just write.

My writing day is Monday morning. I have set aside a time every Monday morning to write my blog, social media, and newsletter content. I know I can get my blog out faster when I do this and I protect my time by not scheduling any appointments during my content creation days.

Smart entrepreneurs suggest doing this (besides me), like Allison Marshall from Wonderlass and Amy Porterfield.

Now that I have covered how to find the time to write when you’re a busy entrepreneur, but I haven’t discussed what to write about inside your blog posts! Can you identify with one of these: 

  • Feeling like you’re too repetitive
  • Struggle with creating unique perspective because “everything” you know has already been written 
  • You run out of ideas quickly and feel lost

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