How are you supposed to make money to stay in business? I mean, if you’re not making money, then you have an expensive craft, right? So today, I want to tell you how you can make money by using your opt-ins as an income generating stream while you can grow your business and make a little side cash at the same time.

This journey of Opt-In August all started as I talked about what’s an opt-in and the different kinds of opt-ins there are. I also talked about the variety of opt-ins that you can have that will all be free until you lead up to the sale with your effective opt-in strategy. And we’re going to wrap up today with how you can make money with your opt-ins.

The Popular Way to Make Money with Opt-Ins

Many times, the most popular way to make money using an opt-in is to hand out value after value through an email sequence. Many entrepreneurs will do this to increase their visibility and income by using an opt-in to get their target audience onto their email list. For example, say you put together a cheat sheet for how to get X amount of new subscribers to your email list as your opt-in. You would then create a series of emails to be sent to your reader every three days by talking about more value.

Then on the final few emails, you introduce a service or product that your audience would be interested in. You don’t want it to be random here, you want this to be deliberate process and that your freebie and this paid option goes hand in hand. Your freebie helped move the dial between 1-2%, now your paid service or product will move the dial an additional 10-15%.

This is what I would suggest if you were to take them this route: You want to make this offer a $47, $97, $147 or $197 offer. The reason I am saying this is because you’re trying to build know, like and trust. You can’t throw out a $1295 program at your audience without building that up first.

What could this small package look like? You can make an eBook, workbook, video series with worksheets, assessment, guide or blueprint as a paid option. For example, I took a series of blogs that I wrote and turned it into a workbook called Write Your Site that I am selling for $97 because I took my blogs and made it into a step-by-step workbook to help one know exactly what to say when writing their website. You can do this too.

Starting small is the way to go as it’s still a bit of change, but it’s also a way to continue to build your brand and your trust. Then after they completed the smaller package, you can offer them the bigger package through the same kind of email sequence.

If you only have a higher priced package, then ask to get on the call to have a coaching session with you instead of asking for a lower sale! This is a great opportunity to connect and build your expertise even further. Then you can ask for the sale and go through a sale conversation.

Writing the Content to Get People to Pay

Yes, more writing. But content is not only King, but it’s GOLD. How do you convince people to buy from you when you do bring up the price tag?

You want to meet them and their pain point. Whatever you decide to offer, what pain points will is solve today? What benefits do you bring to your audience?

Get out a piece of paper and begin writing down the pain points that your audience is suffering from that has to do with your topic. Then list the benefits of your paid package either on the same sheet, on the other side or on a different piece of paper. This will be your verbiage to convince people to buy your product.

Not quite sure what it will solve? As two or three potential clients who you know that this is their problem and ask them to go through it for free or half priced. Then ask what your product solved in them and get a testimonial. Use that testimonial on your email to indicate that someone had success with your product (building even more credibility).

Another idea is to look at how others in your industry is selling their products and use that same idea for your own verbiage. Don’t steal, but make it your own with your verbiage you put together by my exercise.

Money Generating Opt-ins

Membership sites


Facebook Groups


Course or Program (with worksheets and video)


Video with in-depth or secret ways to do X, Y or Z







Now that you know exactly how to make money from your opt-in, I want to introduce to you my own Easily Fix that Problem, Share the Benefit Worksheet! I know many of you may not even do my exercise I mentioned above about listing out pain points and benefits, so I decided to go ahead and make a sheet for you to download, print out PRONTO, and work on NOW! It will help you get SUPER DUPER clear on what you’re going to say when you ask for the sale, whether in an email or over the phone!

It’s literally no fun being stuck and not knowing how to convince people to buy from you if you don’t know how to fill the gap from their pain point to your solution. Know how you can fill that gap and then start creating content surrounding how your audience cannot live without your product! Do you know how to fill the gap? You will when you download my FREE Easily Fix that Problem, Share the Benefit Worksheet when you click the picture below!

Or you can remain speechless and watch your sells go out the window. Your choice. Click the picture below to get started today!







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