You have worked out what your blog is going to be for and what you’re going to say. You have began writing more blog posts than you can count and are ready to hit publish! But then a thought skirts across your mind and you pause, millimeters away from hitting the publish button, “What do I do after I hit publish?”


This month, I’ve been talking about Splashing into Summer through Blogging and today, I’m going to cover all the ways to get yourself recognized and seen as a blogger in your niche and authority!

You might have been wondering about how to get seen and heard when you begin blogging. There are millions of bloggers out there and they are all talking about something that you’re probably talking about. How do you make yourself different in a massive ocean of bloggers?! How do you stand out in this mass of topics?

Here are some ways to not only stand out, but to get your voice heard and recongize as you grow your blog and your business.

Spread it!

Spread your blog where your target marketing is hanging out on! I have chosen three different social media platforms in which I spread my blog on and that’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I would highly suggest to spread it on your newsletter as well. Every month on my newsletter, I feature a blog post on it. I would also suggest talking about your blog in Facebook groups when they allow promotion days or days where you’re allowed to share your blog. This is one great way to share your message across different platforms that you’re already on or using.

Guest blog post

The beautiful thing about guest blog posting is that someone else has done all the work of finding followers, gaining followers and has built an established blog before you and are welcoming you to share your brilliance so their subscribers to see your message! Many bloggers allow guests to come in and write for their target audience and allow a bio and your url to be shared on their site that leads back to your blog. Many of these bloggers has 10K+ readers, which gives you the opportunity to gain some followers of your own! So, how do you find these bloggers to guest write for?

Research in Google “[Your Industry] + guest blog posts” and find bloggers that accept guests. Then ask if you can submit a particular blog post to their site (remember to talk about your blog and what’s its about).  Also, make sure you’re submitting to sites that are targeting your ideal audience.

Ask on Facebook groups if anyone allows guests to post on their site. When I ask, I get 10+ responses with descriptions of what their target market is, who they talk to and subjects they like sharing from guest writers. Many times bloggers allow a old blog you have written to be repurpose on their site. It’s less work for you.

Create an eBook

If you find yourself writing a few blogs with a theme idea, why not make an ebook out of it? Add more photos and maybe screenshots (depending on what you’re talking about) and sell it as a eBook? Or give it away for free in return for a person’s email address. This can be a GREAT way to build your email list as well as add some cash into your bank account.


Did you know that these blogs that I am writing was turned into a speech? Yeah, I totally took these blogs I have written and made it into a one hour lunch and learn course. How simple! And I’m planning on making these into an eBook as well. The content’s here, why not use it to teach a class?


Make videos out of the content you have created. Maybe it can be the next Udemy hit? All you would need to do is make some clever worksheets using Canva and use the content as part of “homework” and make a video series to teach the subject you’re talking about. Or make a free video series as a way to ramp up your email list or as a free gift or challenge!

Submit blog to magazines or ezines!

Find ezines or online magazines to publish with! Build credibility and authority in your field by getting more eyes on your content. Ask Facebook groups who is running online magazines or ezines to find how to submit your content to the editor. 

I hope the list above has given you a number of ideas on how to get seen and heard using your blog to launch your credibility and authority in your field. The more you get out, the more you’ll be seen and recognize for the genius you truly are.


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